Goodenow leaves the door open.....a crack! Bettman counter proposal as follows;

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by eye, Dec 10, 2004.

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    Gary to Bob on Tuesday - It appears that we still arn't speaking the same language Bob. You know and I know that your 24% rollback offer is strictly a PR move since you knew all along that we would turn your gracious offer down as it fails to address the 3 key areas that we have repeatedly been asking you to address".

    Counter Offer

    "I'll tell you what - split the difference - we will accept a 12% rollback in salaries on existing contracts plus 12% from all player contracts negotiated during the term of this CBA. This way all players will be in partnership with your offer. All of this money will in turn be used strictly for revenue sharing purposes.

    Secondly, we have upped our cost certainty % offer to 55% of gross revenue with a soft cap of 35 million. Final offer.

    Lastly, we agree to the basic principles of your arbitration, qualifying offers and entry level contracts but your luxury tax will kick in at 35 million at 100% and 200% for every dollar over 50 million.

    We need to address the needs of all 30 teams Bob, not just the large market teams. In our new era of the NHL where holding, interference and oversized goalie equipment will no longer equalize the playing field. Calgary, Anaheim and Carolina wouldn't have made the finals of the NHL playoffs without clutch and grab hockey and oversized goalie equipment. We need a financial agreegment that allows all teams to compete for the cup within the new rules of the game".

    Did all of you catch Gary's quote "we look forward to the new era of the NHL" in response to not getting a deal done this year. I read that as saying this is the NHLPA's last chance to get a deal done.
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