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Discussion in 'General Fantasy Talk' started by Pasha71, May 8, 2021.

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    OK, this is it. The last day of the final. We're tied 4-4, and goalie categories are very important. Well, GAA and Sav% (I am already ahead by 2 Wins, so Wins don't matter). I have 2.72 and .889, he has 3.03 and .890. He is going to start Fleury (Yahoo predicts 2.50/.906).

    I have the following goalies:

    Campbell (will start, Yahoo predicts 2.30/.916)
    Lehner (probably won't start)
    Hill (might start, 2.40/.913)
    Petersen (probably won't start, yet Yahoo does predict 1.70/.932)
    Shesterkin (might start, 2.40/.922)
    Blackwood (will start, 2.70/.904)
    Holtby (probably won't start)
    Bobrovsky (will start, 2.60/.902)

    Petersen does sound like the best option (even though he's facing Colorado), but LeftWingLock predicts Troy Grosenick will probably start instead.

    Well, I do have one FA pick left. And I can pick Grosenick (whom Yahoo also likes, .926).

    Should I pick him (before someone else does) and just roll with whomever starts for LA?

    Or just play it safe and go with Campbell? The thing is, Campbell starts three hours before Fleury, so if he screws up and my GAA exceeds 3.03, my opponent will simply bench Fleury (since Wins are immaterial). With Petersen/Grosenick, this won't be an option, since LA game starts at the same time as VGK game.

    Another option is Johansson, who might start tonight in the very same game, but for COL. I can pick him up... but Yahoo only gives him .913. I know, it sounds insane to pick an LA goalie over a COL one, but remember, the Wins don't matter.

    And that's not all. I can also pick Melnichuk, who will start for SJ (but Yahoo only gives him .897). Or I can go with Hill. The SJ-ARI game starts 30 minutes after the VGK-STL game, so if Fleury screws up badly right away, maybe I'll have an option of not starting anyone...

    So what do I do?

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