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    The time that this game hypothetically takes place in is during the trade deadline of the 2010-2011 season. After the deadline has "passed", we will vote on playoff seeding, as well as the winners of each playoff round until we get a Stanley Cup winner. After the Stanley Cup voting, we will have an off-season, complete with Free Agency, the draft, and more trades. If you have questions about specific details, PM one of the commissioners.

    If you are interested, please PM me with a list of 3 teams that you'd like to be the GM of. For the time being, you'll only receive one team, and when the time comes that there are open spots, we'll have people run 2 or more teams. Respected GMs over the past couple years will have priority in their team selection. Sign up will not necessarily be done on a first come first serve basis. Also note that GMs with a bad reputation may or may not be accepted, dependent on the amount of overall interest.

    Note: Don't think that anything is wrong if I haven't responded to your PMs. If you PMed me, chances are you have been given a GM position.

    Do not post in this thread. It will be left open so I can observe who actually reads the rules. If you post in this thread, you will not get the first team on your list.

    Have fun!

    **UFA and RFA agents, draft organizers needed!**


    Eastern Conference

    Atlantic Division:
    New Jersey Devils- AlexMaz
    New York Islanders- IslesRock4
    New York Rangers- kzoz21
    Philadelphia Flyers- Hollywood Cannon
    Pittsburgh Penguins- GOGOgadgetGuinos

    Northeast Division:
    Boston Bruins- Pitt's Best #87 #66
    Buffalo Sabres- Carey Roy
    Montreal Canadiens- Andrei Kostitsyn
    Ottawa Senators- Number Eight
    Toronto Maple Leafs- juice1815

    Southeast Division:
    Atlanta Thrashers- Tavares2TheRescue
    Carolina Hurricanes- TourettesGuy
    Florida Panthers- Barbadian91
    Tampa Bay Lightning- BiLLY_ShOE1721
    Washington Capitals- Backstrom #19

    Western Conference

    Central Division:
    Chicago Blackhawks- Bruno Mars
    Columbus Blue Jackets- Ovechkin007
    Detroit Red Wings- TLinden16
    Nashville Predators- NowitzkisBrownNugget
    St. Louis Blues- matt trick

    Northwest Division:
    Calgary Flames- Ktown Sens Fan 19
    Colorado Avalanche- johnnydollaz89
    Edmonton Oilers- Moses Doughty
    Minnesota Wild-
    Vancouver Canucks- extremelycreepyhabsfan

    Pacific Division:
    Anaheim Ducks- C-Saku Koivu MTL
    Dallas Stars- TBLbrifri
    Los Angeles Kings- Nuckles37
    Phoenix Coyotes- RR
    San Jose Sharks- Modo
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