GM Bruins buys house - internet access only at work

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Vaive-Alive, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Newsflash: GM Bruins buys house and now only has internet at work.

    GM Krueger held a press conference from his new money pit located in the High Park area of Toronto and declared to a large crowd of reporters that he had no internet access at home. "I will have no internet access for some time while this $#@!hole gets renovated. All of my league correspondence will occur during working hours." After a brief but formal question period, Krueger led a procession of thirsty journalists to MacKenzies - a local purveyor of fine ale. During the informal question period that followed, Krueger hinted that he may be looking to improve the scoring on his top two lines. Speculation filled the air and rumours of trade talk spread from the establishment faster than one can say 'Rumplestilskin'. One thing is for certain: GM Krueger is broke. But that won't stop him from improving his HFNHL franchise.

    Reporting from MacKenzies,

    Bobby Orr
    Boston Globe
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