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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Donga, Dec 2, 2005.

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    Hurricanes 0 Islanders 2
    Islanders does enough to win this one. This was hard fought literally. 66 accredited hits were tallied. Expect recently acquired Nils Ekman to be inserted into the Canes next one. What was GM Dion Ong thinking?

    Panthers 2 Rangers 1
    Good start by the Panthers behind the back of some good goaltending by Grahame. Interesting stat from this game: 9 hits by Garnet Exelby

    Lightning 2 Flyers 2
    What goaltending problems? Tugnutt must have felt like he was in a rubber ducky plant with the amount of rubber he was getting. Flyers has got to see this one as the one that got away. Oh yeah, where is everyone?? only 8470 was inside the stadium

    Capitals 3 Penguins 1
    Highly entertaining game from both sides. 69 shots were taken between the two teams and non-stop action. But in the end it was the class of the Caps that shone through.

    Kings 7 Thrashers 2
    The old dog still got legs. Rob Blake scores a hattrick in this game. The Kings dominated and never look headed. Only thing that went wrong for the kings was the ejection of Leclair when he decided that Dave Scatchard needed a facial.

    Red Wings 3 Blackhawks 4
    Third period mayhem as the Wings almost pulled off the impossible. 4-0 down with 14mins left in the game, the Wings scored 3 goals in a 4min stretch only to lose. Some clutch goaltending by T-Bo helped the Indians get the W.

    Blues 2 Predators 1
    Capacity Crowd saw this entertaining game. It was deafening when Vandermeer equalised. Great game to watch. GM Kapfenberger must be laughing to the bank. Don't expect this to last too long.
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