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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by hawksfan50, Feb 5, 2007.

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    To date (Thru Feb 4th):

    GP GR G A Pts PPG

    KANE 44 16 45 56 101 2.295
    GAGNER 42 16 28 67 95 2.26
    TURRIS 42 11 52 40 92 2.2
    ESPOSITO 49 14 23 48 71 1.45

    Projected if play all remaing reg season games:

    KANE 61G +76A =137pts
    GAGNER 39G+93A =132pts
    TURRIS 66G+50A =116pts
    ESPOSITO 30G=62A =92pts


    Adjusted if all played 68 games (OHL plays 68,Q plays 70,BCHL plays 60):

    KANE 69G+86A =155pts
    GAGNER 46G=109A =155pts
    TURRIS 85G+64A =149pts
    ESPOSITO 32G+67A =99pts


    While Turris plays only Jr. A in the BCHL ,one still wonders whether Kane of Gagner could post their numbers if they did not play together and did not have a 3rd top OHL star Kostitsyn on their line (in effect it is like an OHL all star line=the best line in the OHL)...or what Turris would do if he centred for Kane and Kostitsyn --we shall never know the answers to these questions...while you could state Turris would never get 85 goals playing a full oHL scedule on a normal team ,you could also state that Gagner would never get 109 assists playing a full Ohl sched for a normal OHl team either ,nor would Kane get 155 pts playing with a normal OHL centre (most teams do not have 2 bone fide potential top 5 draftpicks or even top 7 draftpicks on the very same line PLUS another top gun winger to boot...

    Inconclusion--this is a very close decision on Kane Gagner and Turris...yes you must detract some on Turris for only playing Jr A--but also deduct some from Kane and Gagner who are playing together plus have a 3rd star on their line in Kostitsyn...
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