Future Preds at the WJC

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Fan.At, Dec 17, 2005.

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    HFNHL Preds
    Czech Republic:
    Zdenek Bahensky
    One of the bigger forwards on his team, he will probably play on a scoring line and provide tenacious forechecking for his team.

    Tomas Kudelka
    Will probably be a 5th-6th dman for the Czechs with a good overall game.

    Aki Seitsonen
    The reliable Seitsonen will probably be the center of the shutdown line for Team Finland and see a lot of time on the penalty killing.

    Mikko Lehtonen
    The lanky Lehtonen has intriguing potential and the WJC could be the ideal stage for him to get some confidence.

    Lauri Tukonen
    Will be the go-to guy for Team Finland and should be one of the Teams top scorers along with Perttu Lindgren and Lauri Korpikoski.

    Nikita Nikitin
    The unheralded Nikitin should see some powerplay time and will likely be a 5th - 6th defenseman for the Russians.

    Mikhail Yunkov
    The Washington Capitals draftee should center the 2nd line for the russian team and be one of the better playmakers in the WJC.

    Marcus Nyberg
    The solid stay-at-home rearguard might wear an 'A' for the Swedes.

    Sebastian Karlsson
    Probably the 3rd or 4th line center and a penalty killer, Karlsson's expierience could be of good value for Team Sweden.

    Alessandro Chiesa
    The big Chiesa will likely play a stay-at home role for the swiss team, but his skating will be a reason for concern.

    Julien Sprünger
    The big and very talented forward will play a major role in all offensive situations. Already an established NLA forward he should be the MVP for Team Switzerland at the WJC.

    So while the present looks rather dark for the the Predators, the future certainly holds some promising and upcoming young players for them....
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