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Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by Hockey_Nut99, Dec 10, 2004.

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    Hey guys do you think this could happen at all?

    Ok there are a ton of free agents out there right? We got some big names ready to be signed by a club. If a proposal very similar to this one was accepted then more teams will have more money directly from the rollback. Won't that mean that more teams will be in the hunt for the big names becasue of this? Teams that couldn't have made offers before will be able to do so this time..I think that there is going to be some huge bidding wars for players with more teams trying to get them. Combine that small luxury tax and some teams are bound once again to over pay even 1 free agent out of them all and there we go again. The cycle will or could start....

    I commend the players for the 24% rollback but they say their theory is "Let's reset this system and let the market system run its course". That has been going on for 10 years and look where we are..
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    The role back seems great, but it only takes two teams in a bidding war over one player to begin the whole thing over again. Then there are the people that say it is the owners fault that they are in this mess to begin with. Well yeah that is true to a point, but if one or two teams decide they can afford to pay huge dollars for a player then all the other stars in the league decide they are worth the same amount. The teams have to pay the money or they lose their ability to be even remotely competitive.

    There is also the argument that small budget teams do make it to the finals so salary doesn't matter that much. Whoever thinks that is out of their mind. Yeah sometimes a team will put it together at the right time and make a good run, but what happens when the players of those teams sign new contracts? They ask for a ton of money, and then they have to be moved because the small budget team can't afford them anymore.

    Basically, a roll back isn't the solution. There must be a way that can contain the spending of the higher budget teams.
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