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    The Flyers traded in the 1st round a few days before the draft at the 18th spot. When their pick came around 5 guys the team had pegged were all still around in order, Brent McLean, Lars Eller, Dana Tyrell, Oscar Moller and Logan McMillan. As a result, we felt one of those players would be available later in the draft. With St. Louis offering their 30th and 56th overall, I jumped at the opportunity but not after several trade offers. However, jubilation became moments of stress as 5 picks later, 4 of those targeted players were picked. Frantically, I tried moving up again and found a taker in the Ducks with the 23rd pick, costing me a 3rd and 4th next year. It will be interesting for me to see how the future pans out for McLean who I would have taken with the 18th pick, Lars Eller who was next on my list and then chosen by St. Louis’ Nick Quain and finally and more importantly if Dana Tyrell or Luca Cunti turn into 2nd line or better players in the NHL. Gotta love the war room.

    1st Rd, 23rd overall – Dana Tyrell, C/W (47nd overall 2nd Rd, TB NHL Draft)
    Dana (5’10†185)is a pitbull on skates. A gritty forward, who notched 30 goals, 16 on the PP. Rated the 15 by Central Scouting. His stock kept rising until the postseason where Dana was not as productive, which probably led to being a pick in the 2nd round. Won’t be a superstar but has Brendan Morrow type potential. AKA D-Train.

    2nd Rd, 56th overall – Luca Cunti, C (75th overall, 3rd Rd, TB NHL Draft)
    Brilliant centre (6’ 190) with selfish player label, however if you’ve watched him play he has tremendous skill and great vision. As scouts said the only thing holding this guy back from being a top 15 pick was his rap sheet. Swiss teams are known to play a boring defensive style of play and Cunti would have none of that. Give this guy a talented teammates and let’s see what he can accomplish. High risk/reward pick.

    3rd Rd 64th overall – TJ Galiardi, C (55th overall, 2nd Rd, Col NHL Draft)
    TJ (6’2†172) became a favourite of GM Claudio Mannarino. Was torn between Cunti and Galiardi with the 56th pick but gambled Galiardi would be there 8 picks later while Cunti probably would not be. You can’t tell the future from video but this player has all the skill sets to be a future all-star. If he can add muscle to his frame and keep his development on track he has a high ceiling. Love his size, playmaking and vision on the ice.

    5th Rd 130 overall - Evgeni Dadonov, RW (71rd overall, 3rd Rd, TB NHL Draft)
    Scouts raved about Dadonov’s (5’10 185) his skill level but felt that due to a lack of player agreement with Russian players that Evgeni’s stock could fall some. Evgeni is a crafty player with good but not exceptional skating ability. After watching some video of the kid, he reminds me a little bit of Valeri Bure.

    6th Rd 170 overall – Alexander Eriksson D (undrafted)
    Eriksson (6’1†187) is your typical all around defenseman. He doesn’t do anything exceptional and will likely never be a top 4 defenseman but has a chance to be a depth player if he steps up his development.

    7th Rd 186 overall – Christian Engstrand G (undrafted)
    Rated the as the 7th highest euro at his position, Christian went undrafted in the NHL entry draft. Many thought that scouts didn’t pay attention to Swedish goalies after Gisted drafted in the 2nd round #36 overall. Reportedly many Swedish scouts thought Engstrand was on par with Gisted. Engstrand but he had a brilliant regular and postseason in Sweden registering a save percentage over .925 but is a year older than Gisted. Sleeper pick.

    7th Rd 201 overall – Juho-Petteri Purolinna D (undrafted)
    Drafted by GM Mannarino strictly for his namesake. “How can you pass on that saying that name, it has such a goal scoring ring to it, Purooooliiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaa.†Besides the name, Juho was rated 42 amount Euro skaters but was passed by NHL draft guros. At 6’3†190 Juho has projectable size. He’s regarded as an offensive defenseman with a good skill level. I think he may surprise and turn out to be an outstanding NHL player.

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