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    Jeff Carter

    Carter had a real slow start to his NHL career, mostly due to the fact that he was recovering from mono, which he endured through the summer. After Carter regained his strength he become a major contributor to the Flyers success. He has 8 goals and 8 assists in 29 games. Not at a Crosby/Ovechkin level so far but if you watch the kid play its only a matter of time. Carter’s best production came in a 6 game run where he netted 10 points.

    Tim Gleason

    Gleason has been a steady force for the Kings. Once labelled an offensive defenseman, Gleason has shined in his own end so far and has contributed 13 points in 30 games. That projects to 35 points for the year. Tim has averaged close to 20 minutes a game and has been one of the Kings best defenseman all year. Pierre McGuire has raved about his game all season and has spoken about Gleason’s physicality. He even took on the Big Chara….albeit he took a beating….give the kid credit though not many would have taken that fight on.

    Brent Seabrooke

    Seabrooke has been a pleasant surprise. He was given a decent chance to make the team coming into camp but Brent came out of the gates fighting, earning a roster spot in the NHL and making an impact. In fact, besides Phaneuf, Seabrooke has to be considered as the 2nd best defensive rookie so far in this young NHL season. Like Gleason, Seabrooke is averaging close to 20 minutes a game and has 16 points in 28 games and even had a four-point outburst in an early season game. Watching Seabrooke in a Blackhawk uniform reminds you of a young Chelios. Seabrooke has all of Chelios’ qualities including a nasty side.

    Igor Grigorenko

    Igor has his groove back. After recovering from an accident, which nearly cost him his life, Igor returned to Russian hockey last year but struggled mightily. In fact, his career in the NHL was in great doubt and the trade by GM Mannarino to acquire his rights was looking like a bad one. Happily for Grigorenko he is performing at an elite level once again. Grigorenko has produced 10goals and 18 assists in 32 games and is 4th in scoring in the Russian Super league. claims that Grigorenko is back dominating games like he did before his accident.

    Pascal LeClaire

    Pascal has had an up and down season. First he's been up and down from the farm and then his game has been inconsistent as well. Leclaire won the starting job coming out of camp as he beat out Marc Denis. However, after some inconsistent play he was sent to the farm. He was recalled shortly after and has looked brilliant at times but he’s looked ordinary on too many occasions. Leclaire hasn’t let in many bad goals but he also hasn’t always made the save to keep his team in the game. It appears however that he has done enough to stay in the bigs as Columbus waived Martin Prusek recently. Leclaire will be a premiere goalie in the NHL once he finds consistency.


    Paul Ranger – great OHL career, now starting a good NHL one, getting lots of quality minutes with the defending Stanley Cups Champs

    Alex Suglabov – finally playing more consistently and better without the puck, has 11 goals and 20 points in 25 games. If NJ continues to struggle you could see Alex being called up to the big club.

    Barry Tallackson – bruising power winger has been called up by the Devils, still not a regular but NJ has high hopes for him…could develop into a Bertuzzi type player

    Marek Zagrapan – developing nicely in the Q

    Mike Sauer – Mike has re-established himself as one of the top WHL defenseman after an injury riddled season last year, which saw his draft stock drop considerably. Has 17 points in 19 games so far this season.


    Dan Fritsche

    Fritsche has struggled so far this year along with his team Columbus. With Rick Nash hurt, Zherdev struggling and the coach not giving the kid a chance to play with some quality wingers, Danny has not produced as expected. He has 3 goals in 25 games. Danny is not a player who will create an abundance of offensive opportunities by himself but if given some decent ice time and wingers, he can be the same type of productive player Mike Fisher is for the Senators.

    Fredrick Sjostrom

    Fred is blessed with speed and is a hard working player but unfortunately for him and Phoenix it has not translated to offense. A lot is expected from this former 1st rounder. If Wayne can’t help his offensive game no one can. With only 5 points so far this season, Phoenix hopes the best is yet to come.

    Others Disappointing

    Boris Valabik – Boris has struggled after getting drafted, much like Chara did a few years, we’ll see how things shape up for him in 2006

    Jordin Tootoo – Tootoo could not find a regular spot with the talented Predators and was sent down to the A to get some more ice time

    Jonas Johansson – a heartbreaking story for Jonas, the Caps and the HFNHL Flyers…after his draft year, Jonas came from Europe to play in the OHL. He quickly established himself as the top rookie after 20 games in was leading rookies in scoring and was in the top 20 in overall points…Jonas then suffered a knee injury and lost that season and has never looked the same…everyone was hoping that a change in scenery would help but it hasn’t….a great disappointment after showing so much promise.
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