Flames make playoffs - for the first time in HFNHL history

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by MatthewFlames, May 8, 2007.

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  1. MatthewFlames

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    General Manager, Calgary Flamettes
    The Calgary Flames have done it. Qualified for the HFNHL play-offs for the first time. Calgary's up and down regular season, in which they endured two long slumps, has been good enough to claim at least the 7th spot in the West. Wins against the Sharks and Wild helped capture the play-off spot.

    Calgary had finished 9th for the past three seasons. This season saw them eclipse a previous best 37 wins. With a game remaining, the Flames have 41 wins thus far this season.

    The final regular season game finds the Flames against potential play-off opponent Anaheim Ducks.

    The Flames still have a remote chance to capture the North-West division crown as well. The Flames are currently two points behind the Colorado Avalanche. Both teams have a game remaining.

    Oft criticized forward Jarome Iginla is closing out the season in style. The right winger has an 8 game point streak, in which he has 13 points.

    Here is a quick look at the Flames regular season stats since 2000/2001.

    • 2000/2001 15th with 19 wins and 44 points
    • 2001/2002 13th with 21 wins and 48 points
    • 2002/2003 9th with 34 wins and 77 points
    • 2003/2004 9th with 37 wins and 84 points
    • 2005/2006 9th with 32 wins and 77 points
    • 2006/2007 6th with 42 wins and 94 points
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  2. TorontoGM

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    Congratulations, Matt:handclap:
  3. Ohio Jones

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    Great White North
    Congratulations indeed! And congratulations also to Sean's Canucks, who have also qualified tonight on the strength of a 4-2 win over Atlanta in part 1 of tonight's double-header.

    That makes me feel better about Columbus' tough loss against the Isles - even if we'd won, Vancouver would still be in.

    For the record, it might be one of the most interesting - and bloody - games in recent memory. The Jackets surged forward to a 3-0 lead, but rookie Mike SMith couldn't hold the fort. It wasn't the score, though, but the action that made it an exciting game to watch:

    Game Notes

    Keith Carney injured at 05:54 of the 1st Period
    Jarret Stoll ejected at 05:54 of the 1st Period
    Mark Bell beats up Derek Boogaard
    Derek Boogaard injured at 11:54 of the 1st Period
    Mark Bell ejected at 11:54 of the 1st Period
    Jamie Pushor injured at 16:57 of the 2nd Period
    Henrik Sedin ejected at 16:57 of the 2nd Period
    Adrian Aucoin injured at 14:26 of the 3rd Period
    Joel Bouchard ejected at 14:26 of the 3rd Period


    That's the most ejections I've ever seen in an HFNHL box score. Sounds like a cross-conference rivalry in the making, if ever I saw one!

    We'll get you next year, Hasnain :madfire: ;)
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    You had me sweating right up until the last day though Doug. :P

    I'm in the same situation as Matt. This is my fourth full season with the Canucks, and my first playoff appearance. In fact, I'd never had more than 69 points in a single season.

    A couple years ago (2003-04, only two seasons ago) my leading scorer was Sergei Berezin with 15 goals and 38 points (playing on a first line with Rem Murray, Claude Lemieux, Radek Martinek and Dan Focht). This year, I had 7 20 goal scorers, and three more with 17 or more. In points, Berezin would be I believe 14th in team scoring this year. The only holdovers from that team are Steve McCarthy and David Tanabe.

    Bring on the Blues or the Wings. :yo:

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