Flames fire Cassidy, trade Bishop

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by MatthewFlames, Dec 5, 2018.

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    (CP): The Calgary Flames, mired in a brutal losing streak, with only 2 wins in their last 16 games, have fired head coach Bruce Cassidy, only 28 games into his Flames career. His entire coaching staff was summarily fired with him, escorted from the building by security staff in Columbus after another poor performance. The Flames lost 4-2 to the Blue Jackets, putting up little resistance despite the debut's of new goaltender Tuukka Rask and defenseman Danny Dekeyser.

    It is unknown who will coach the Flames in their upcoming games, must win's against conference rivals Wild and Predators. For the second straight season, the Flames have just not performed and changes are coming, threatened a management staffer, who spoke anonymously in order to speak freely.

    "I've heard talk of massive restructuring, of a complete abandonment of the current project if the team doesn't turn it around in the next few games," said the anonymous senior staffer, "there is a realization that this group can't win, despite the talent. The stress created by knowing that the team doesn't have its first rounder is palpable. There is near panic in management circles."

    So, who's going? Obviously, it won't be the young studs, who have all performed relatively well and lead the team in points. "Barzy, Dylan, and Pasto have been fantastic. Anders has proven to be solid and a leader. Skinner is rebounding. Obviously, the three-month injury to Getzlaf continues, but his name is probably the one being talked about. Tuuka just got here, but could they off-load him if he doesn't win right away? Probably. Nobody is safe, other than those five forwards and maybe Ekholm. Could they move a couple of Norris candidates in Giordano and Klingberg? I don't see why not, at this point."

    The Flames play Minnesota, Nashville, and Edmonton in their next three games.
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    I won't let you know how good Bishop looked in his debut for me....
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