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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Bishop*, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. Bishop*

    Bishop* Guest

    First off, I have lurked here for some time, mainly looking for specific player information... I have come to know a few posters and value their insight... It took me awhile to join up, but now that I am here, I immediately ask for your opinions on the following players...

    I am in an intense Dynasty league, where we have a Pro squad, a Farm squad and Rookie Squad... The following players make up part of my Farm and Rookie squads:

    David Shantz, G, Florida Panthers
    Kevin Nastiuk, G, Carolina Hurricanes

    Andrei Plekhanov, D, Columbus Blue Jackets
    Ladislav Smid, D, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
    Matt Lashoff, D, Boston Bruins

    Aleksander Suglobov, RW, New Jersey Devils
    Alexander Radulov, RW, Nashville Predators
    Enver Lisin, RW, Phoenix Coyotes
    Igor Mirnov, Forward, Ottawa Senators
    Stanislav Chistov, RW, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
    Adam Pineault, RW, Columbus Blue Jackets
    Justin Abdelkader, LW, Detroit Red Wings

    Yeah, I like the Russian skaters... Remember that I either drafted these guys or they were part of the trades I made, and I have bookmarks on their bios and/or league pages, BUT it doesn't tell me about the intangibles...

    I got to see most of the WJHC live so I managed to scout Smid, Lisin, Radulov and they all looked solid...

    Rank them if you want, but if you can only pick a few players and tell me what you think of their potential, what lines they may play on and offensive abilities, I would be very grateful...
  2. Dr.Sens(e)

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    Feb 27, 2002
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    Well, I'd say your best prospect is clearly Radulov. He will be in Nashville next year playing on a scoring line.

    Other than that, the problem with taking so many Russian players is the lack of an agreement between the RSL and the NHL, so teams aren't rushing to either draft them, or sign them. And when they do, they run into problems like Washington has. As long as you can keep these guys long-term, you're in better shape than a NHL club drafting these same players, but something to keep in mind, because you might have to wait until some of those guys are 22 or 23 before they come over (5 years is a long time). They can make decent money in Russia, and most won't come over unless they think they have a spot waiting for them with a NHL club (if they have to ride a bus, they might as well do it with friends in Russia speaking their language, versus with no one they know in the AHL).

    Lashoff and Smid are good builiding blocks on the blueline, but otherwise, you really have more suspects than prospects at this point.
  3. HFNHL Canadiens

    HFNHL Canadiens Registered User

    Aug 12, 2004
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    1. Ladislav Smid
    2. Alexander Radulov
    3. Aleksander Suglobov
    4. Matt Lashoff
    5. Justin Abdelkader
    5. Enver Lisin
    6. Adam Pineult
    7. Kevin Nastiuk
    8. David Shantz
    9. Igor Mirnov
    10. Andrei Plehanov

    Chistov isn't a prospect
  4. Bishop*

    Bishop* Guest

    Thanks for the quick response... A couple of additional notes:

    This isn't my entire Farm team (though my entire 6 man Rookie squad is listed)... I also have Pominville, Steen and Perezhogin on my Pro club, and while they aren't known commodities as of yet, we are seeing glimmers of what they can do in today' NHL...

    I also realize that Chistov isn't a prospect seeing as tha the played a couple of seasons in the NHL (rookie season being great nad feeling the sophomore slump in his second year)...

    What I had hoped for is that insight into the long term success these players may have...

    I may have also provided incomplete information towards the league... Point-wise, its pretty defenseman happy as they get 2 points per goal and assist, while forwards only get 2 points per goal and 1 point per assist... An extra point is given per OT, PS, SH goals...

    Thanks for any continued insight...
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