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    1. Washington - Alexander Ovechkin LW
    No question on the first pick. He's a potential franchise player.

    2. Pittsburgh - Yevgeny Malkin C
    The best consolation prize for the Penguins, a great center who can fill the hole once Mario will retire.

    3. Chicago - Lauri Tukonen RW
    First surprise of the draft. The Hawks need offense badly and decide to pass on Barker and Olesz to take the skilled finn and create a one-two punch with his fellow Ruutu. Lauri is projected to be a power forward with great scoring touch but good even in the defensive zone. Definitely one of my favourite players of this draft.

    4. Columbus - Cam Barker D
    With Svitov, Zherdev and Nash the Jackets decide to focus on defense and take the best d-man of the draft. Notable offensive touch.

    5. Phoenix - Alvaro Montoya G
    There's a rumor phoenix isn't that sold on LeNeveu and will go after Montoya. IMO Schwarz is better, anyway the Yotes got a potential franchise goalie.

    6. NY Rangers - Rostislav Olesz C
    No mistery he's by far my favourite player in this draft. He's a great two way center (Holik-like) with better scoring abilities. Someone says he could be the best czech player drafted after Jagr, we'll see. I would take him 3rd btw and I add I hate to see him picked by the Rangers since they aren't exactly a good team where to grow.

    7. Florida - Andrew Ladd LW
    Projected as a power forward, he was the scoring leaders among rookies in the WHL. He's compared to Shane Doan.

    8. Carolina - Ladislav Smid D
    With no depth at the blue line, Carolina pick Smid, a czech d-man who is compared to Tomas Kaberle.

    9. Anaheim - AJ Thelen D
    My Ducks, like Carolina, has little depth at the blue line, so they go after Thelen, a two way d-man who has had a great year in the college.

    10. Atlanta - Robbie Schremp C
    A top 5 hockey skill kid with a hot-head and a bad attitude: this seems to be the best description for Schremp. But Heatley and Kovalchuk need a center who can feed them, and Atlanta can't pass up on Robbie.

    11. Los Angeles - Marek Schwarz G
    LA need a goalie. The get the best of the draft, comperared to Dominik Hasek

    12. Minnesota - Drew Stafford RW
    Minnesota take this hometown-boy to help Gaborik & Co upfront. Not a scoring machine, but a solid power forward and a great worker.

    13. Buffalo - Boris Valabik D
    Buffalo search for d-man and took big Boris. At 6'7" he's simply a monster! Someone compare this slovak who play in the WHL to Chara, but he's not THAT good right now. He plays hard and physical, decent fighter.

    14. Edmonton - Alexandre Picard LW
    Great scorer with some holes in the defensive part of the game, but overall he's quite a steal here.

    15. Nashville - Kyle Chipchura C
    They are in search of a center and take Chipchura. He has been higly rated by the CSB but someone argue his scoring abilities. He's one of the best two-way centers of the draft and a safe pick at this point. More likely he would become a second line center. He reminds me of Steve Rucchin.

    16. NY Islanders - Mike Green D
    Another team that need defense. They take another favourite of mine, Mike Green. Even he's not that tall (6'1") he's one of the nastiest players in the draft. Excellent skaters and physical presence, very very good both in offense and defense, he played for an horrible team (Saskatoon, OHL) and still put up great numbers. Also, he throw amazing open-ice checks.

    17. St Louis Blues - Wojtech Wolski LW
    the Blues don't expect to see this finess player fall to them and grab him immediately. Great skills but he don't play physical game despite the size (6'3"). A possible charge for assault (unbelievable for him!!!) could make his stock drop.

    18. Montreal - Alexander Radulov RW
    After the bet of Kastytsin last year the Canadiens take another bet in Radulov. One of the best pure sniper in the draft, he is also knows for having some altercations with his coach in Russia.

    19. Calgary - Petteri Nokelainen RW
    I know I know. Sutter doesn't like much european player, but Nokelainen is one kid that deserve all the credit. I saw him play personally while I was in Finland and I must say he's great! Good size (6'3"), great two way game, could turn in a Jere Lehtinen type of player.

    20. Dallas - Andrej Meszaros D
    One of the most ready prospect fo the draft. With Ovechkin is the lone kid to play at the World Championship with Slovakia. He's a two way d-man with good size (6'3") who can help the Stars soon.

    21. Colorado - Lauri Korpikoski LW
    In a line with Tukonen and Nokelainen, he impressed at the U-18 WC. With possible departures of many forwards, the Avs select this gifted wing who need another year or two in Finland.

    22. New Jersey - Wes O'Neill D
    Typical pick for the Devils. O'Neill is a big strong defensive d-man who has been on the radar of scouts for a long time, but didn't improve much. His stock is falling but the Devils take this bet hoping to find the next Stevens.

    23. Ottawa - Bruce Graham C
    The Sens need a gritty forwards to help the gifted core of players they have. Graham could bring them size and grit, but he's quite a good scorer too.

    24. NY Rangers - Johan Fransonn D
    Fransonn opted out last year due to injury. He's already on of the best d-man of the SEL (at 18!!!). Compared to Niklas Lindstrom.

    25. Edmonton - Devan Dubnyk G
    The Oilers have little depth in the crease so they decide to select this huge goalie (6'5") who plays in the WHL.

    26. Vancouver - Dave Bolland C
    He had a great year in London. He's not that big but plays a good two way game and has a fine scoring touch. Probably he could be selected higher, but his stock is arguable because he come basically from no where just this year.

    27. Washington - Jeff Schultz D
    A huge d-man (6'6") who fit perfectly in the rebuilding Capitls. He needs to work on his skating and play more physical btw.

    28. San Jose - Jakub Sindel C
    The best skater in the entire draft, amazing speed for this czech. Good scorer, but he needs to bulk up; at 6'0" 172lbs he tends to be knocked off the puck too often.

    29. Washington - Enver Lisin RW
    Another skilled russian who sometimes is a bit incosistant. But with Semin and Ovechkin he could create an amazing russian line.

    30. Tampa Bay - David Shantz G
    Tampa select a goalie who proved that he could carry a team through the playoffs. He really stepped up for the IceDogs this year, by the time the Bulin Wall will retire, he will be ready.

    Shoot away! :yo:
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    i like this mock draft, i like the oilers knabbing Picard and Dubynk, i hope the oiler take Radulov at 14 if hes still available instead of Picard, but either way works for me.

    good Mock :) :banana:
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