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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Ferjo, May 14, 2007.

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    After I did a little 2008 preview, I decided to make a little ranking for this year, split up into forwards, defence and goaltenders and a basic ranking of where I think they will end up drafted. hope its enjoyed. also I put OHL in the title, though there are a few Jr. A guys in there.


    01. Pat Kane, London - top 3
    Magic hands, magic vision, magic shot, magic everything. almost a perfect offensive arsenal, though his defensive play is well noted for being non-existent.

    02. Sam Gagner, London - top 10
    Best mind in the draft. seems to see every second played out before he steps on the ice. Might not be the biggest, might not be the fastest, but in the end just puts points on the board. a wizard in the shootout to go along with it.

    03. Logan Couture, Ottawa - top 15
    Maybe the most underrated player in the draft. yet another master playmaker who multiple times a game makes you say "how did he do that?" Also a very responsible in his own end and very willing to get dirty. If he was a bit quicker, he would be in the top 10 for sure.

    04. Brett Maclean, Oshawa 15-30
    good power forward, very good at just about everything. drives the net hard. can hold off defenders for just the right amount of time and hit the open man. Finishes his chances. he's another player somewhat setback by his skating, but should be a solid NHLer none the less.

    05. Dale Mitchell, Oshawa - 30-50
    Small, quick, tough. defenceman try to knock him around, but he is a rock. he is tough to contain do to his speed, and uses it to get in great spots in the slot, and scores when he gets the chance. one of the best natural scorers around.

    06. Akim Aliu, Sudbury - 25-60
    Big, quick and mean. a great skater for a big man, and also has great hands. a top notch release and confuses defenders will his very long reach. a bit of a problem with dumb penalties.

    07. Zach Torquato, Erie - 30-60
    Very good across the board, but its a question on how good will he be. took hold of a bad team, nhl scouts would like that. he can score, he can pass, he can defend, he can hit. Solid third liner in the future.

    08. Stefan Legein, Mississauga - 30-60
    a quick pest with great hands and vision. does whatever it takes to win.

    09.Chris Terry, Plymouth 50 - 150
    It really seems like nobody knows who he is, and that should change by the first game of the memorial cup. only 5'10, he shows great agility, stickhandling, smarts, grittiness and vision. at 17 QB's the powerplay on a stacked team

    10. Eric Tangradi, Belleville - 30 - 100
    One of the bigger wildcards of the draft. Anyone with great size and skating ablity will warrent a draft pick by the second round, but a very average regular season might have scouts wondering. Really exploded in the playoffs. showed considerable skill and confidence.

    11. Nick Spaling, Kitchener - 50-70
    Very similar to Legein. Came out of nowhere, he wears his heart on his sleeve. another player who fits the Boyd Gordon mold. Will never be a top-6 forward, but a very solid depth player.

    12. Bryan Cameron, Belleville 80 - 125
    A player teams win with. He may be a bit small, but he is all out. Skates every shift if it were in the middle of Game 7 of the Cup Finals. may have limited offensive potential, but some team will be happy to have him.

    13. Nick Palmieri, Erie - 100 - 150
    Size and hands are a quality mix. Very solid all round, though yet another player who stuggles on his feet.

    14. Louie Caporusso, St Mikes Buzzers (Jr. A) 150 - 200
    5'9, though very strong and a great shot. also attractive because he is heading to Michigan. an unbelievable release, hes almost unstoppable in the offensive zone. Probably has better skills than Ex-Buzzer Andrew Cogliano, though comes nowhere close to matching his skating ability

    15. Brett Parnham, Oshawa - 150 - undrafted
    Falls under the rader on the team with the best prospect pool around. undersized, but shows great speed, and creativity. Should be one of the OHL's top scorers for a few years. May be relegated to undrafted free agent signee.


    01. Brendan Smith, St. Mikes Buzzers (Jr. A) - 25 - 60
    Solid size and offensive vision. Can rush the puck with ease, though has trouble getting back. Fairly smart in his own zone, and that is a good sign that he will improve as his career at wisconsin goes on. May have trouble getting ice time at first do to the fact that he is very raw, and really needs 3-4 years of college. Should be a very good player in the long run. Could sneak into the first round, but more likely a second.

    02. Yannick Weber, Kitchener - 60 - 90
    stands 5'11, but built like a bull. Tough to beat on a one on one, and very resilient. Has great offensive vision. comes out of his zone with confidence and poise.

    03. Mark Katic, Sarnia - 25 - 150
    Explosive speed, and solid vision makes up for him being very poor in his own zone, though improving. beat on one on ones, and often loses man, but he's learning. there may be better offensive defenceman available throughout the draft, and thats why he can fall pretty far, but none skate like him. He can go anywhere

    04. Josh Kidd, Erie - 70 - 100
    Very solid defensive defenseman in the Jason Smith-mold. blocks shots, sticks with his man, very rough. a coaches player, though has very low offensive potential.

    05. Robert Bortuzzo - 100 - 200
    Solid all-round, though another question mark on how good will he be. you know what you'll be getting. solid across the board, though may not be worth a high draft pick.

    06. Alain Goulet, Aurora (Jr. A) - 100 - undrafted
    a late 88-birthdate, heading to Nebraska-Omaha. Good size and mobility, tough to beat along the boards or on a one-on-one and fairly impressive offensive potential. Could be a real sleeper for a team willing to spend a few years working on him.

    07. Dan Kelly, Kitchener - 150 - undrafted
    Stuck behind some very good defenders, though looked fairly promising. Good vision, can really pass, but just 'alright' off the puck.


    01. Jeremy Smith, Plymouth - late first round - mid second round
    By a mile the top goaltender. While average size, looks giant in net, is very quick, and just simply makes the save. he's probably not capable of being an all-star goaltender, but a reliable starter

    02. Trevor Cann, Peterborough - second round
    Fairly small in net, has to use reflexes to make saves. Average rebound control. Is a star goaltender at the junior level, but pro potential is average though will be drafted higher than he should be due to the total lack of goaltending depth this year.

    03. Lukas Flueler, Ottawa - fourth round - undrafted
    Catch him on a good day, he'll look like a future star. he's big, very good at covering angles, and lightning quick. has the ability to make highlight reel saves look easy on a regular basis. the problem is that he is ridiculously inconsistant.

    04. Andrew Loverock, Mississauga - seventh round - undrafted
    05. Andrew Engelage, Windsor - seventh round - undrafted
    These two have great size, though are very average goaltenders and really make the list because of the mentioned lack of depth. Loverock had a solid, though average rookie year, Engelage played on an awful team, not that he was the reason, he didn't help things. both can be drafted, but not likely.

    Top second/third time eligable

    Dustin Jeffrey, F, Sault Ste. Marie (88) 50 - 80
    A speed and skill player in a power forwards body. was thought to be a bust but exploded this year. Simply dominant at times.

    Josh Godfrey, D, Sault Ste. Marie (88) 90 - 150
    one of the hardest shots in hockey, a powerplay whiz. teams plan their PK around stopping his shot. very solid in his own zone to go with it.

    John Hughes, F, Brampton (88)
    Should have been drafted last year. Though small, an offensive whiz. Master stickhandler and passer. a little inconsistant.

    John Murray, G, Kitchener (87) 150 - 200
    Great size for this OHL rookie. playing on a great team may have helped stats, but he can simply stop the puck.

    Wayne Simmonds, F, Owen Sound (88) 150 - undrafted
    another ohl rookie, blasted on the scene this year. great size and speed. hits like a truck - always finishes checks, with some decent offensive skills.

    Matt Halischuk, F, Kitchener (88) 150 - undrafted
    put up a point a game, though would be better suited to a grinder in pro hockey. good around the board.

    Matt Caria, F, St. Michael's (88) 175 - undrafted
    Great vision and toughness in 5'10 body. awkward hunchbacked skating doesn't hurt him. he gets the job done. overshadowed by Kaspars Daugivans with the Majors.

    Sebastian Dahm, G, Subury (87)
    A Giguere-like playoff put him on the map. very average journeyman goalie in his OHL career, he simply dominated the playoffs and should warrent an nhl contract. Small, but great quickness, and reflexes.

    Ryan Wilson, D, Sarnia (87)
    Should have been drafted each of the last two years. played in an nhl rookie camp this year, and should be signed after the draft. runs the powerplay with ease. makes something happen from the backend whenever he touches the puck, though teams have been worried about his skating in he past.

    Andrew Self, F, Subdury, (87)
    Similar to David Clarkson. both never put up big numbers in the OHL, but have big bodies that they use often, and great mobility along with it.
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    Awesome job, I learned a lot! :teach:

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