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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by rockinghockey, Apr 16, 2011.

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    I am looking to start up a fantasy leauge where each team get a cap budget of 62mil and we start with a draft of drafting your team ensuring that you do not go over the 62mil budget. Once a player is drafted by a team no one else can pick him up.

    After we draft our teams we would then have a draft for prospects that have been drafted already in the NHL, and of course ending with the 2011 draft.

    This would be a draft that will require the GM to be very active as of course you would have to draft your complete roster then prospects and finally the 2011 draft.

    You will have to ensure that if someone request a trade with you that he let them know whether you are interested or not.

    I want GMs that will be very active as when the NHL restarts it will be on a point system. IE 1 point for assist, 1 for goals, game winning goals and PP goals will be worth 2 points, penalty minutes and plus minus will also be involved. I have not work everything out yet but I want to make sure that there is enough interest. I am no picking teams yet but just looking to see if there is enough interest before I organize it all.

    Any question just leave a message on this thread and if you are interested let me know in this thread also.

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