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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by CopperAndBlueGM, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Currently with 6 men down to injury and fatigue the Oilers are about to call up it's last useable warm body reserves it can from the farm.

    With all the extra salaries and fans staying home a team once set-up to be close to the cap floor at $59M is burning through $65M in salaries while only projecting a paltry $48M in revenue with bankruptcy appearing inevitable (on track for -$5M and no endorsement revenue or play-offs).

    Realistically there isn't a player that couldn't be moved, and there are a lot of short term assets that could help a team, but so far offers for players discussed have all been of the mid-late round nature and/or fringe players so nothing has happened to date on the trade front.

    In an official statement GM Niece has said that the best thing for the team right now is to try and get the existing team back on track and that he will not make desperation moves that trade away players for nothing.
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    sent u a offer in the conversation thing from the board...since with ur email i got no reply

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