Elite Evaluation and Selection Process - Major Junior, AAA, AA

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    This thread is in response to various perceptions and undercurrents about the evaluation and selection process when elite - Major Junior, AAA, AA teams are formed within the QMJHL jurisdiction and across Canada.

    The pre season part of the process has ended but the residue remains to be dealt with. Either in back channel emails, at the arenas, various forums etc. The following addresses this matter building on an email making the rounds combined with too many years experience in minor hockey.

    The contents of the email tend to represent what happens during the elite team selection process across Canada. Magnified by the fact that it is a high profile organization in a region that should be split(again) into two perhaps three parts. The splitting or merging of regions question is another issue altogether.

    That situations compiled in the email or discussed elsewhere, are true does not make them unique or worthy of immediate action. There have always been and will always be disagreements about the evaluations for the last spots on elite teams rosters or about exceptions based on injury or circumstances. Probably would not want a different situation since it is proof of depth throughout a region or an organization.

    Getting back to the region in question. The region is one of the most heavily scouted in Canada, not only by organizations from the NHL on down but by the player agents as well. A number of the player agents have roots in the region, notably two of the big players in the business. So talented youngsters at all levels cannot avoid being noticed as it is in the self-interest of all the organizations and player agents to do so, to promote their merits, etc.

    The other counter-balance is that the coaches and administrators also get noticed and evaluated by the same people. As a result some progress, while others spin in circles never figuring out why they do not progress.

    So after all the background noise and keystrokes, the hockey season is starting as it should with the potential for roster adjustments as dictated by merit and circumstances.

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