EA Sports Sued Over Monopoly of Football Games. Can we do this with NHL?

Discussion in 'EA Sports NHL' started by MC Ride, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. MC Ride

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    Feb 4, 2009
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  2. TheOllieC

    TheOllieC cajun filet

    Jul 12, 2013
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    Columbus, OH
    We should. Screw EA.

    2k had sweet mini games.
  3. Jesus Vitale

    Jesus Vitale Formerly CPZ17

    Nov 19, 2010
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    I'm pretty sure EA doesn't have an exclusive license with the NHL, it's just that nobody bought the 2K games so they voluntarily stopped making them.
  4. Bouma Fett*

    Bouma Fett* Booty Hunter

    May 19, 2012
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    No, the NFL has given EA exclusive license. The 2K hockey games just didn't sell well enough to compete with EA, and went severely downhill in quality after about NHL 2k5, so they stopped making them. Can't really sue when there exists a possibility for more and nobody wishes to make it
  5. ThePsychicSaw

    ThePsychicSaw Registered User

    Jul 24, 2009
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    Correct no one knows quality like EA's NHL series


    Eliminate auto hits
    Eliminate auto fight
    Eliminate auto spins
    Eliminate auto skate
    Eliminate auto saves
    Eliminate auto dekes
    Eliminate auto saucers
    Eliminate auto face-offs
    Eliminate auto backskate
    Eliminate auto shot blocks
    Eliminate auto puck-control
    Eliminate auto vision-control
    Eliminate auto line-changes
    Eliminate auto wrap-arounds
    Eliminate auto stick-handling
    Eliminate auto player selection
    Eliminate auto aim on stick lifts
    Eliminate auto aim on poke checks
    Eliminate auto aim on shot attempts
    Eliminate auto spinning when corralling a puck
    Eliminate server lag
    Eliminate faceoff loop
    Eliminate net bubbles
    Eliminate player bubbles
    Eliminate goalie bubbles
    Eliminate concrete skating
    Eliminate useless attributes
    Eliminate glide invulnerability
    Eliminate decade present bugs
    Eliminate decade present glitches
    Eliminate halfbaked game modes
    Eliminate net tie-up animation freezes
    Eliminate puck-chop animation freezes
    Eliminate board-play animation freezes
    Eliminate player warping (unrealistic bursts of speed)
    Eliminate button lag/lack of registry (If I press stick lift my player should stick lift period)
    Eliminate unrealistic puck grabs (behind the back one handed 10 feet stretches through bodies)
    Fix slap pass
    Fix deke system
    Fix game freezes
    Fix menu efficiency
    Fix match-up system
    Fix attribute system
    Fix pass interception
    Fix puck physics (dead post, soccer puck)
    Fix one-time system (make it manual and actually work fluidly and require skill)
    Stop controlling when I want to skate
    Stop controlling when I want to stick lift
    Stop controlling when I want to shot block
    Stop controlling when I want to deke
    Stop controlling when I want to pass
    Stop controlling when I want to make a save
    Stop controlling when I want to intercept a puck
    Stop controlling what type of shot block I want to do
    Stop controlling me when I want to dump the puck
    A.I. should engage like their player types
    A.I. should take less penalties
    A.I. should almost never go offsides
    A.I. should manage offensive blue lines much better
    A.I. should actually engage defensively instead of imitating backskating pylons
    A.I. should not have different rules (no pass charge when users do/unrealistic speedboosts)
    A.I. should not be line changing on odd-man breaks
    A.I. should always change lines and not glitch out
    A.I. goalies should adapt to repetitive shots
    A.I. defenders should adapt to repetitive plays
    Goalies should cover posts much better
    Goalies need to be much less awkward with the puck
    Goalies need to be much less awkward with skating
    Goalies need to be much less awkward with passing
    Goalies, that belong in the NHL, should almost never get beat on an unscreened flop shot attempt

    Player differentiation
    Bring back Vision control
    Still skate while stickhandling
    Player animations show when tired
    Player attributes decrease when tired
    Players tire when playing big minute games
    Players need longer recovery when playing long shifts
    Shots from the outside should require higher accuracy to hit
    Your player should focus on the puck while stickhandling/dekeing with lower related stats
    When focusing on the puck while stickhandling/dekeing the more susceptible you are to injuries
    Should be able to absorb hits
    Grinding out puck dump ins shouldn't be so awkward
    Endurance should matter in fighting skating dekeing and shooting
    It shouldn’t be Easier to get a SH than a PP goal, something code wise is broken
    All dekes should be effective if done at the proper time in the proper way with the proper attributes
    All dekes should be ineffective if done at the improper time in an improper way with improper stats
    Give auto, cycle, and manual (RT + RS aim towards the player you wish to select ) options for player selection
    Modified attributes relative to the injury in-game and out
    Play through Injuries (more susceptible to becoming more severely injured)
    Needs to police forums to allow for addressing product concerns
    Encourage sportsmanship
    Punish unsportsmanlike play
    The “reward system†in this game does nothing but encourage bad play/sportsmanship while simultaneously discouraging good play/sportsmanship.
    option to choose to shoot 1st or not in the shootout, as the home team

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