DSP vs Gordon vs Palmeiri

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by DuckshaveaRPG, Aug 17, 2011.

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    it appears that many people have caught on too DSP and starting to talk about him making the jump this year into the open third line spot but the spot is open and i see that Gordon and Palmeiri as the closest competition to DSP in making that spot theirs.

    i think DSP still has a lot to gain from one more year in juniors yes he can check and hit and is physically ready for NHL but i would prefer him to spend that extra year maybe have him come up and play 5 games in the NHL so he gets a taste and the chance to see how close or far away he is to stepping up bt spend the year in junior working on his offensive game improving his scoring touch and shoot etc so that when he comes up and plays for the big club more of a complete player who can play both with the puck and with out it, instead of coming up now and playing and ending up as just being a third line checker instead of a proven two way 2nd liner lets say.

    Hockey Future say this about him. Gordon plays the game with loads of energy and intensity and is always around the puck. He has shown an excellent scoring touch and great hockey sense and awareness both at the college and minor pro levels. Gordon has a keen sense of knowing where the play is going and puts himself in great scoring position. He is relentless in his puck pursuit and is a fierce competitor. Gordon doesn't have the ideal build of an NHL power forward but he doesn’t shy away from getting physical to win battles for pucks or space on the ice. Gordon skates with speed and has good acceleration and possesses a great wrist shot which he releases quickly. i see him as a good gritty scorer who is gonna work every shift and can put up points and scorer if given the chances he has proven in the AHL that he can scorer and i think he will fit in well with the ducks system. he is my chose for the role as i think he has the most well rounded game, i think DSP can be the better player but he not that yet.

    Hard-working fast skater ,i just have some doubts about his ability in the offensive zone he has put up some numbers in AHL but in his ten games in NHL last year he did nothing for me he scored 1 goal and i was unimpressed i think he still has the possibly to be a good player but i think right now he best chance is playing on the fourth line as in my mind DSP has overtaken him ad Gordon is just a better player.

    if there any Bears fans at there i would very much like to hear your first experiences of Gordon playing and the same goes for any one who has seen any of these guys play or just have a opinion
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    Longest sentence ever?

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