Did The Teams Get Their Escrow Money?

Discussion in 'The Business of Hockey' started by RTWAP*, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. RTWAP*

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    We heard that the players got some of their escrow money back at the end of the year, which means that some of it was not returned to the players and instead was distributed to the teams.

    Does anyone know how the pool of money is divided among the teams?

    Or even better, has anyone seen an actual team-by-team breakdown of the disbursements?

    I wonder if most teams will just add this money to this year's budget.
  2. kdb209

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    The players had ~10% withheld in escrow and got ~7% of it back - the league kept the remaining ~3%.

    The excess escrow funds are first used by the league to fund revenue sharing. Any remaining escrow funds after revenue sharing are split 30 ways and returned to the teams.

    I have seen no reports (and don't think the league has publicised) how much of the excess escrow funds were returned to the teams (if any).
  3. RTWAP*

    RTWAP* Guest

    Thanks. I'm thinking that all these front loaded contracts, plus the use of the 5% cap inflator this year, will result in a much higher escrow payment in 2007-2008.
  4. Irish Blues

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    Probably ... though I don't know if we'll see 28 teams over the midpoint this year.
  5. RTWAP*

    RTWAP* Guest

    Good point.

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