Detroit Has Goalie, dman, and others to package for upgrade

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by HFNHL Red Wings, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Detroit continues to explore options in regards to packaging multiple NHL level players to preferrably upgrade at the LW position for this season but will also entertain offers where the returning player is a solid up and comer for the future.

    While the two main players being shopped are Sarich and Osgood, there are several other players that could be discussed at any position if the deal is right. The only big consideration of course is contract size as the team has less than $3M in cap room though the exact available space is a bit of a variable depending on who is being traded away and the resulting changes in top 21OV salaries (could have as much as $3.5M in room).

    While Sarich and Osgood are not considered glamourous acquistions they are still quality players that can help many teams.
    Sarich is a steady foot soldier with 7 NHL seasons and now armed with a very cap friendly 4 year $1.1M contract will be a great value player for years to come. Osgood is showing yet again this season that he can still provide quality goaltending with a 2.55GAA and .904 sav% and so he should have at a minimum 2 good HFNHL seasons in him.

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