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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by HFNHL Red Wings, Dec 2, 2003.

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  1. Please note that I am not 'dumping' the following players as each has a reason for being on my team but I am willing to discuss respectable offers and preference may be given to the weaker teams.

    C/RW Espen Knutsen (69OV) - make me an offer
    D Maxim Kuznetsov (prospect) - 7th rounder
    D Nolan Pratt (67OV) - 6th rounder
    LW Brian Savage (71OV w/ 68SC) - Need at replacement LW of a different type (ie Savage is best for offense I need a good IT/DF LW)

    Possible RW/LW Jochen Hecht or RW Chris Clark - Definitely players that I am just as happy to keep myself but for a respectable offer are negotiable.

    Finally I am always in the market for a good C or LW and could package Hecht and Stu Barnes or Petr Cajanek for the right player. That player would have to be all purpose (ie decent offence ratings) and have good IT and DF ratings.
  2. Going, going, gone?
    Rumour has it that GM Niece was flooded with offers of various combinations late last night. Offers came from no less than 11 teams and it has been confirmed that two tentative deals were reached in the first 15 minutes with others still under scrutiny.

    For any GM's that I have not responded to yet I promise I will reply to all offers tonight.
  3. Please note that all players have been traded at this point (including Hecht) with two exceptions.

    The team will only accept offers for Espen knutsen up until midnight tonight (they should be your best offer) at which time the team will make a decision. That decision could include not trading him at all.

    Brian Savage has been withdrawn from the 'available' list.
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