Damn the Sabres were stacked

Discussion in 'National Hockey League Talk' started by JT Kreider, Feb 13, 2020.

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  1. John Eichel da GOAT

    John Eichel da GOAT Registered User

    Oct 7, 2008
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    Aren't I supposed to be the Sabre hater that starts troll threads? Here is the stacked roster. No idea why it didn't become a dynasty.

    61Maxim AfinogenovsuRW276-0190L/-6September 4, 1979
    43Martin BironcaG296-2186-/L8August 15, 1977
    48Daniel Briere (C)caC295-9174R/-8October 6, 1977
    51Brian CampbellcaD275-10192L/-6May 23, 1979
    33Mike CardcaD206-1201R/-RFebruary 18, 1986
    35Ty ConklinusG306-1185-/L3March 30, 1976
    19Tim ConnollyusC256-1190R/-5May 7, 1981
    23Chris Drury (C)usC305-10191R/-7August 20, 1976
    3Michael FunkcaD206-4199L/-RAugust 15, 1986
    28Paul GaustadusC246-5227L/-2February 3, 1982
    55Jochen HechtdeC296-1198L/-7June 21, 1977
    36Patrick KaletausRW206-1198R/-RJune 8, 1986
    45Dmitri KalininsuD266-3210L/-6July 22, 1980
    12Ales KotalikcsRW286-1225R/-4December 23, 1978
    5Toni LydmanfiD296-1208L/-5September 25, 1977
    41Clarke MacArthurcaLW216-0192L/-RApril 6, 1985
    22Adam MaircaC276-1208R/-6February 15, 1979
    25Mark MancaricaRW216-3225R/-RJuly 11, 1985
    30Ryan MillerusG266-2168-/L3July 17, 1980
    13Jiri NovotnycsC236-4209R/-1August 12, 1983
    27Teppo NumminenfiD386-2198R/-17July 3, 1968
    38Nathan PaetschcaD236-0195L/-1March 30, 1983
    20Daniel PaillecaLW226-1200L/-1April 15, 1984
    76Andrew PeterscaLW266-4240L/-2May 5, 1980
    29Jason PominvillecaRW245-11180R/-2November 30, 1982
    9Derek RoycaC235-9184L/-2May 4, 1983
    37Michael RyanusC266-1188L/-RMay 16, 1980
    44Andrej SekeracsD206-0200L/-RJune 8, 1986
    6Jaroslav SpacekcsD326-0210L/-7February 11, 1974
    21Drew StaffordusRW216-2215R/-ROctober 30, 1985
    10Henrik TallinderseD286-4215L/-4January 10, 1979
    26Thomas VanekatLW236-2214R/-1January 19, 1984
    15Dainius ZubrussuRW286-5225L/-9June 16, 1978
  2. The Zetterberg Era

    The Zetterberg Era The Captain is Home!

    Nov 8, 2011
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    Ft. Myers, FL
    They had some of those advanced stats, because I know the Wings had a pretty absurd control over proceedings out of that lockout in terms of the Datsyuk and Zetterberg prime with Lidstrom still operating at his peak. The fancy numbers were pretty good on those teams.

    Which I think was really the problem, until the Pens got better, I am not sure I see a different outcome for whatever team was making it out of the East, the Ducks and Wings were awfully good during that time period.

    I would also probably lob the Sharks out as really the best team of the last 20 or so years to never payoff a title. That Nucks team that came up just short in 11 was fantastic too, both of them had more than the Sabres in my opinion.
  3. IlikeEich

    IlikeEich Registered User

    Dec 17, 2018
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    Drew Stafford is the embodiment of the generic white male. JC Penny’s ads, college brochures, stock images of businessmen, prescription medicine ads featuring a couple happily hiking, Home Depot related things, my man can do it all.
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