Daly and Saskin are infants w/quotes from NYT

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by RangerBoy, Jan 17, 2005.

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    While the NHL burns and the sport ceases to exist with each passing day of this lockout,Bill Daly and Ted Saskin are acting like infants

    NYT Hockey columnist Joe LaPointe contacted both parties and they responded in emails

    In e-mail responses to similar questions, each said the other side should come up with the next proposal.

    "We have no current intention of making the next offer," Daly wrote. "At a minimum, to the extent that our last proposal to them was unacceptable, I think it's incumbent on them to come back to us and either discuss why or make us a new proposal. That's what most people consider to be a 'negotiation.' When the N.H.L.P.A. is going to decide to engage in one is anyone's best guess."

    Saskin, responding to the same question, wrote, "The onus is clearly on the N.H.L. to signal some intention on their part to start realistic negotiations or to present us with a proposal that could be the basis for a negotiated settlement."


    Bob Goodenow was nice enough to chime in with a response to yet another Lapointe email

    Goodenow said there was "no different communication than what has been taking place since the end of last season, no change in policy; just revisiting reality

    More Daly

    "I continue bewildered by their utter inability to articulate a single legitimate reason for their steadfast opposition to a linkage between leaguewide revenues and expenses," Daly wrote. "How do they think this ends? How could this possibly end in a good way for the union's constituents?"

    "It is not productive at all to the process to establish artificial timelines or deadlines."

    The Flames President&CEO Ken King spoke to LaPointe on the phone

    "I retain optimism," he said in a telephone interview.

    King, who said he spoke regularly with Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the league, was asked why he was optimistic. "Logic," he said. "It is, to me, logical, from a Calgary perspective, that there will be an agreement that will work. I hope sooner than later."

    He said that "few teams want to play more than we do" but that Calgary would wait as long as it takes to get the right deal.

    Can someone make an offer?These guys are like a bunch of teenage girls fighting over who should apologize first :shakehead
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    You're right. The two parties sound like they're engaged in an immature, adolescent tiff.

    There's such an unbridgeable, almost theological chasm between Goodenow and Bettman that I don't think serious negotiations will commence until one or both parties are feeling genuine pain. Since the owners have deeper pocket$, I predict the players will cave first -sometime next season.

    I'm sure the Flames are looking forward to a salary-capped CBA with enthusiasm.
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