CSSHL vs Minor/Major Midget in BC

Discussion in 'The Rink' started by bawkbawk, Oct 28, 2018.

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    Just wondering on your thoughts about which is better at the Midget level? In BC there has not been Bantam zoning so many kids went to CSSHL and now I wonder which league is better CSSHL E15/Midget or Major Midget Zone teams? Also, now that Bantam will have zones how watered down will those Bantam teams all be (CSSHL and Major Bantam). BC Already saturated with CSSHL and now Bantam zone coming through.
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    For club hockey it seems watered down at the moment, for example in one city you got

    -Major Midget
    -Club AAA Midget
    -Minor Midget (Elite 15s)
    -Club AA Midget

    You look at Minor Midget rosters and it's filled with former tier 2 and AAA tweeners. Many players on club Minor Midget wouldn't make their regular AAA MIDGET team. At the moment they're still below CSSHL Elite 15s in terms of talent...

    But if you look at the big picture, the new Minor Midget club league is the answer for expensive prep schools. The prices for academy hockey is insane and not many people can realistically afford it. Now players can stay closer to home instead of relocating.

    So many leagues/teams for Midget prospects to play for now, AAA has almost lost its meaning lol

    -Major Midget
    -Midget Prep
    -Prep Elite 15s
    -Club Midget AAA
    -Midget Varisty
    -Club Minor Midget
    -Club Midget AA
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