Coyotes' streak ends at nine Wins

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    Phoenix (AP) - The Phoenix Coyotes' win streak is over... after winning 9 straight games, possibly one of the greatest winning streaks in the HFNHL, was that much more special considering the fact that Phoenix was considered at the opening of the season to be; in most eyes the worst team in the league. "I think it makes it that much more special" says Phoenix GM Ryan Yessie. "We weren`t considered that good, we made a few good deals, got a few lucky rolls like the acquisition of Gerber off waivers." We asked Yessie about how he feels about acquiring Gerber, which lately has been speculated as possibly one of the biggest waiver pick-ups in HFNHL history "Some players thrive in certain situations, and have trouble in others, with our decent amount of two way forwards and with Hatcher logging 25-29 MPG it really helps take some of the pressure off Gerber, because we have the talent to score goals to win games, but we also have the defence. I think we have found the right match of players here, but at the same time it is obviously known that i`m willing to move these players if the right offer comes in, if we make the playoffs this year it will be on the shoulders of Gerber"

    Gerber who has a no trade attached to him in accordance to HFNHL`s CBA, but Phoenix`s GM states that they plan on riding the shoulders of Bergeron, Walker, Smith, Nilson, Robidas all are players that Phoenix see`s in their future. "Obviously with the situation this franchise is in, none of these guys are untouchable, no one is, but they are all players that i can really see in our future, and being a contant fit in this team, and are all in a position to etiher be re-signed or already under contract."

    Also of note, during this win streak Martin Gerber had a 213M:53s shutout streak where he locked up 3 consecutive shutouts.

    Coyotes Notes: Mike Dunham is expected to get the start tomorrow night in Carolina, as it is widely suspected that the 4 goals allowed by Gerber was strongly influenced by how fatigued he was coming into this game, after starting 10 games in a row, the last 9 resulting in wins. Rumours of Conroy leaving town have gotten stronger, as it appears a deal is extremely close to being finalized, however this rumour has been floating around for about a week with no paperwork filed that would move Conroy. To add to this speculation Phoenix apparently is looking for a 2nd round pick with a filler in exchange for the defensive specialist Hatcher, and the Coyotes are confident someone will step up and make an offer. Other names being rumoured are Thibault, Clymer, Sarich, but basically anyone if the offer is right, which most likely would be youth, prospects and picks. Dispite the Coyotes loss, Columbus also lost which means Phoenix is still 2 points of of 8th in the Conference, and own 2 more wins then the current 8th seed, however a hot Oilers team seems to be quickly climbing the western conference ladder, and the Coyotes sit a very respectable 11th considering pre-season expectations, and the fact that they are only one point out of 10th and 2 out of 8th.
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