Coyotes' 1st Round pick available?

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    Phoenix (AP) - With all the talk of rebuilding in Phoenix and the 3 year plan for the playoffs, it's suprising to hear rumours swirling about the potential movement of their 1st round pick which by the time this season is over it appears they'll have a clear shot at a top 5 pick. We asked Phoenix's GM if this was true.
    "We are obviously not looking into the playoffs, we've been playing great over the last 10 games and it's really been a team effort everyone has contributed, but we just don't have the power to fight our way into the playoffs, our first round pick could very well be a top 3 let alone top 5 especially since we could be losing our two top players. We have a very good scouting network in north america, and we have a few players that we value that have dropped in the last 12 months, we feel they aren't very far behind the top 6 (Gagner, Kane, VanRiemsdyk, Couture, Voracek, Esposito) we would be willing to part with our top 5 pick but would be looking to move it in a deal that would involve a mid 1st and a late 1st round picks, for those out there who would rather acquire one of the talented players we have at the top rather than what we have further down in the 1st round, i would be fine with an early 2nd instead of a late 1st if thats what it came down to but i would be looking at 10-16 for the mid rounder obviously at this point it's hard to predict but we would be looking for something in that range."
    Some of what may fuel this intention into reality is the fact that the Coyotes are rumoured to be close to dealing Conroy and may be without him within a week. "Conroy i think has really raised his stock because he's been one of the key guys that has helped us on our winning streaks, he has an 80OV and with his point/game average in Calgary he will only drop to a 77, 78 at worst and wouldn't cost much more than 2.5M to sign, I have not talked to his agent, but by looking at his contract in HFNHL and NHL, he would be delt as a rental but would be a very affordable one in this new cap era, and would not be an expensive re-sign. We have had 4 or 5 really good offers but we have recently gotten one that i think stands slightly above the rest, and in workingo ut the details we may have a deal by the end of this week, when Conroy arrived here we let it be known that he would most likely be delt to a contender, but only at the right price, Conroy is the kind of guy that could impact a team in a strong way on arrival, he has proved that here in Phoenix with his play on what was rated as the worst team int he league."
    The Coyotes kicked off their deadline dealing earlier this week when they moved highly experieinced defensive rental Glen Wesley to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Georges Laraque, along with a 6th and 7th round pick. "Laraque could supply some solid grit and a bit of a scoring touch for us over the next few years, and depending on his play we may try to keep him around for when our team gets better, along with it we get 2 picks that the organization feels we may be able to turn into a solid player for the future."
    If the Coyotes decide to resign Conroy, they would not be able to move him untill the 41st game of the 2007-2008 season.
    With the potential move of Conroy the biggest UFAs coming out of Phoenix would be back-up goaltender Mike Dunham, and Mark Smith, both guys Phoenix said they would attempt to re-sign as most of the players int heir last year are either RFAs or rumoured to be going to europe.

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