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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Default101, Feb 27, 2007.

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    Phoenix (AP) - The Phoenix Coyotes have matched their 3 game win streak that they set earlier this season, the entire team is contributing but with the Coyotes still 8 points out nearing the mid way point of this season, and with 2 players who could be highly valued on the trade market, they look out at the 20 or so teams competing for a playoff spot or wanting to take one more push. with the recent acquisitions of the team such as Gerber and Aubin the team along with others that cannot be meantioned at this time due to pending the go ahead from the league, the Coyotes have actually put themselves in a spot they haven't seen in alittle while... comfortably over the minimum roster requirement, which has been a familiar topic around the phoenix organization of late. The coyotes GM has gotten a few offers for each, and are somewhat putting them in the back of his mind, thus far Hatcher and Conroy have recieved better offers separately rather than paired together, each player has recieved about 3 to 5 suitable offers says Coyotes' GM but he doesn't want to "jump the gun" on either of them because they are essentally Phoenix's only two commodities taht could put young value back in the team. With the roster situation Phoenix is looking for a package including possibly picks/prospects/young roster players, the coyotes have clearly also not shying away from moving their own prospect(s) if the result is for the better of the team, lets take a look at the 2 players on the block...

    Craig Conroy - has an 80 rating which is something that will be a rare find this year on the trade market, a 80+ forward that can play all aspects of the game, and will come in at under 2M. His rating will go down alittle at the end of the year but he is a very reasonable resign if the team chooses to keep him, he doesn't really have much of a weak area anywhere in his game, and would be a very stable #1 Center on most teams, and an above average #2 center or any team.

    Derian Hatcher - The market seems more favourable to defencemen, but Hatcher and his 77DF rating would really boost any teams PK as there isn't a team in the league that wouldn't be able to use him on their Penalty kill. he also brings alot of leadership and a $3M contract that extends past this year, but it is seen that Hatcher will be viewed by other teams as strictly a rental, and would be treated as such, due to hatcher's certian decline in re-rate he could be sent through waivers, and would essentially be a 1 year player, that goes to the minors next year or could be moved to a team working their way out of the basement that could use all the OV status they can get.

    Coyotes are expected to look at offers the next few weeks before choosing a course of action which wuold most likely be either dealing them for an existing offer, or waiting till trade deadline for some luck, but Phoenix isn't expected to deal them immediately unless they recieve a deal that "knocks them out".

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