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Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by Reds4Life, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I am really curious about your opinion about what do you think is the actual difference between let's say Wayne Gretzky (or Mario Lemieux etc.) - arguably the best forward ever, and an all-time great - for example Joe Sakic (or Steve Yzerman etc.).

    Completly ignore their domination over their peers - Gretzky easily wins over Sakic - but focus only on the actual head to head comparison.

    If they play a 7 game series against each other (let's assume teammates, coaches etc. are equally good), who wins the matchup, and how big is the actual difference?

    Is this comparison even possible?

    I am just curious what you guys think, because it is not uncommon to see teams with "lesser" players win against teams with much bigger names. I think it is actually really close.
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    Best player vs player matchup I remember was Gretzky vs Gilmour in 1993. Gilmour was Gretzkesque but Gretzky pulled it out with a clutch hat trick in game 7.

    That was two players that utterly dominated their teams at the top of their games making clutch play after clutch play and one emerging victorious in Game 7 with an outstanding and dominant game.

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