Classic What If.. What if Gretzky went to the Rangers

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by FakeKidPoker*, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. .... in the 80s?

    Doing some late night youtubeing and I come across Gretzky's last game.. during all the stories one is that "Trader Phil" had a package for Gretzky which included 12 Million dollars.. which MSG eventually killed not seeing the value.

    Shortly after he was moved to the Kings and the rest is history.

    But just thinking now how would this effect The Rangers? The Oilers? The Kings and well the NHL as a whole today?

    With the Rangers landing Gretzky I imagine they don't get Messier as well.. do a Rangers with Gretzky win the cup? Where does Messier eventually end up?.. does he end up a Canuck 7 years earlier and turns out to be a hero for them? (lol)

    Gretzky is often credited with the "breakthrough" down South.. without him there does the NHL change it's view for the Sunbelt? Without all those lameduck franchises is the NHL in a much more healthy position now?
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    Nobody can you give an answer, that will be correct. Because everyone can say what he wants and everything could be possible.
    Maybe in some parallel universe there was Gretzky a member of this team. There is some theory, that every decision you made, makes another "universe". So actually we have many many many universes. Also that one, where are Crosby and Oveckin in one team. ;)
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    Ya, sorry FKP, but this is really in the realm of "Fantasy Drafts & Trades". Late night musings indeed.

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