Chicago 'Euro' Hawks.

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by leafaholix*, Dec 13, 2003.

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  1. leafaholix*

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    Just looking over their forward prospects...

    Alexander Kozhevnikov - Russia
    Pavel Vorobiev - Russia
    Alexander Golovin - Russia
    Alexei Zotkin - Russia
    Dimitri Levinski - Russia

    Mikhail Yakoubov - Russia
    Vladislav Luchkin - Russia
    Alexei Ivanov - Russia
    Igor Radulov - Russia
    Oleg Minakov - Russia
    Matt Ellison - Canada
    Matt Keith - Canada
    Jeff Miles - Canada
    Mattias Wennerberg - Sweden
    Jonas Nordqvist - Sweden
    Johan Andersson - Sweden
    Chris Porter - U.S.A.
    Adam Burish - U.S.A.
    Joey Kostadine - U.S.A.
    Tommi Jäminki - Finland

    Jari Viukola - Finland
    [size=-1]Yorick Treille - France

    16 Europeans
    6 North Americans

    It's got to be the work of Mike Smith... how long was he there?

    He sure left his mark.
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    Certainly some good names in there, though. The russian 4 (Vorobiev, Radulov, Yakubov, Kojevniknov) look like they will all be good players (three of them have already hit the NHL). Levinski and Ivanov have much less of a chance, but still have a chance.

    M Keith and Ellison (and Bubba Byfuglien, a F/D) are our only good n american forward prospects. Both are in the AHL, but look like they have NHL talent. None of our USA selections are any good.

    Nordqvist looked like a sure fire NHL player a few years ago, but now he'll be fighting for a spot.

    Treille just plain sucks.
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