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Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by hdw, May 7, 2007.

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  1. hdw

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    I'm confused over this and it seems that I'm not alone.

    The CBA Article 9 seems quite clear in that it applies to all SPCs entered after the execution of the CBA which means that it covers all contracts signed after the lockout.

    But the wierdness is that in section 9.3 where 'entry level compensation limits' are listed it starts with the 2005 draft year.

    So what about player drafted before the CBA but signed after it?

    Take my favourite twins Henrik and Joel.
    Both drafted in the 2000 draft but signed their first SPC after the lockout, Henrik in July 2005 and Joel in May 2006.

    As the CBA reads then Henrik would have a 2 year contract and Joel a 1 year contract.
    But the contracts was presented as 3 and 2 year contracts by their teams.

    Is there some form of exeption based on draft year that changes the terms of the CBA? Or is it just that the teams didn't understand the CBA when they wrote the pressreleases?
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    I assume you're talking about Henrik Lundqvist and Joel Lundqvist. Henrik received a 2-year contract, Joel received a 1-year contract, so both will be RFA this summer.

    I'll backfill this later with all the gory details if kdb209 doesn't do it first.
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    Your interepretation on ELS durations was correct.

    The ELS compensation limits in Article 9.3 only apply to players drafted after the lockout (2005 draft and later). Players who were drafted before the lockout were subject to the ELS limits of the old CBA (minus the 24%). The rookie max for '03 draftees was $942K and for '04 draftees $984K - however both were subject to the more restrictive limits on performance bonuses in the new CBA.

    The ELS durations (based on age) were unchanged from the old CBA to the current one.

    Note that the age in Article 9 is not the players age when they signed their ELS deals - it is their age on Sept 15 of the calendar year that they sign their first SPC. By that measure, Henrik Lundqvist was 23 in 2005 (2 yr ELS SPC) and Joel Lundqvist was 24 in 2006 (1 yr ELS SPC).

    As IB pointed out, they should both be RFA's this offseason.

    If the teams PR's said three years and two, they messed up.

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