Can't Miss Episode of "The Press Box" - Two Special Interviews

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  1. The Press Box is a weekly online sports podcast based in Vancouver, B.C. hosted by my brother and a friend. This week we picked up some pretty high profile guests in Kyle Turris and Zach Hamill. Let us know what you think! Here's the low down:

    June 18/07 - Catch this week’s episode of ‘The Press Box’, when Shaheed and Nabil interview two high-profile potential 2007 NHL first-round draft picks, #1 ranked Kyle Turris and #9 ranked Zack Hamill.

    Both these local hockey heroes chat with us about preparing for this Friday's draft and give us some insight on their upcoming plans and how they have been dealing with all the attention.

    The show also covers a little hoops with the NBA Finals wrapping up, and Shaheed and Nabil squeeze their usual nonsensical banter.

    Another can't miss episode of The Press Box: Where we just talk sports.

    Listen to the episode at

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