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Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by Eaglepride*, Jan 6, 2011.

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    I know I might get an infraction for this but at this point it needs to be said.

    1. TSN.ca = CANADIAN their focus audience are CANADIANS for sure they'll write about the collapse (it was one), overhyping portraying team Canada (esp. Schenn). There is nothing wrong with beeing a nationalistic, patriotic guy such as Cherry or Mcguiere.

    2. Russia won they got their credit. Looks like some "political correct" people here are expecting the heaven for them now.

    3. The tournament is over sad to say it but most of these kids will never make it to the NHL so for the sake of god don't be so hard on them. I'm sure they realize how the let a whole country down and all these stuff....the media, fans on the other side should ease up on this team.

    4. Sports are about rivalry not about showing political correctness (which I couldn't care less for).

    5. What the Swedes did was just giving credit to the Russians and not meant to disrespect Canada.

    6. Homer announcers are better than neutral ones which TSN has proven over and over again.

    Don't get me wrong I'm pissed too, my team (Sweden) collapsed against the Russians too and I've lost ~ 200 $ because Canada didn't win gold...but seriously my life wouldn' t have been better or worse ok I would own + 200 $ but thats all.

    The tournament is over, Russia won grats to them but thats it.
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    The Peg, Canada
    See, I don't get where all the Sweden hate comes from anyways. I said to my buddies the other day, I have that "hate" for Russia and the US when it comes to hockey but if Canada didn't win, I would have wanted Sweden to win it all.

    After every WJC, I just realize how long it will be til the next one :cry:.
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    Great post. I sure hope some people read this and take it to heart.

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