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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Vaive-Alive, Mar 8, 2006.

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    As GMs filled the HFNHL message board with shameless plugs for various exceptional players in an attempt to swing All-Star votes in their favour, the GM of the Bruins felt that it was necessary to do the same - although he wanted it made clear that the entire team had been playing well, and that in the end it was the team effort that truely mattered. None the less - here are GM Kruegers shameless plugs:

    Center Position: Brendan Morrison. He is the top center in the East with 59 points. However, what truely separates him from the rest of the group is his phenomenal two-way play this year. He currently stands at +30. Eastern Conference leading offense and sound defense. Not to mention an 18.8 shooting percentage.

    Left Wing: Petr Nedved. At +31, he has demonstrated that he's responsible at both ends of the ice. This is the HFNHL ;). We've been very impressed with his play.

    Right Wing: Owen Nolan. 49 pts. Tremendous intensity, good skating, a scorer, leads the team in PIMS, and is +22 on the year. He's drifted in and out of the leagues best list for Right Wingers throughout the year, and deserves solid consideration.

    Defense: From a points perspective, the 2nd and 3rd best defenders in the Eastern Conference are on this team. Bryan McCabe with 39 points, and Wade Redden with 38 points. Only Kimmo Timmonen has more: 40 pts. at the time this was written, and that could very well change before March 12th. What both McCabe and Redden have that Timmonen does not have is that they are equally as good defensively as they are offensively. McCabe ( +26, 39 pts., 83 D ) and Redden (+31, 38 pts., 81 D ) are complete, elite defensemen who deserve to be on the all-star squad. They have put in tremendous efforts this year, logging long shifts on a nightly basis, and playing in all situations. They are possibly the best defense pairing in the HFNHL - the statistics certainly suggest that.

    Goaltending: Marty Turco ( On a side note, I am watching the Stars vs. Oilers shootout while writing - I didn't realize that the Stars are undefeated in the shootout this year. And they just won this one extending their record to 9-0 in games ending in a shootout. Thats impressive! Nice Marty! ) Marty Turco has the best winning percentage in the league, is second overall in wins at the time this was written, leads the league in GAA, and is tied for 5th overall in Save % with .907. He is tied for first in Shut Outs with 6 so far this year, and has the fastest SP rating ( 95 ) of any goaltender in the HFNHL, and is 91 and 90 in SK and PC respectively putting him at the top of the HFNHL goaltending class with an 85 OV ( only one other goaltender has an 85 OV - Martin Brodeur ). He holds the top spot of the HFNHL leaderboard, and has put in an All-Star performance all year for the Bruins. He deserves to represent the Eastern Conference.

    Coach: Pat Burns. Pat has put in a phenomenal performance coaching this team. At the time of this writing, the Bruins lead the Eastern Conference in shots AND team defense. They lead the league in Shots Against. Collectively, the team +/- average is above +20, and that is largely due to Pat's insistance that the team play responsibly at both ends of the ice. This team plays as a unit, and wins because of it.

    GM: I won't toot my own horn. But I've got to be happy with the performance of this squad. They currently lead the league in Wins ( 35 ) and points ( 78 ). To put that in perspective, thats 8 pts. more than the Blue Jackets ( the top team in the West ), and 11 pts. more than the Devils ( the 2nd place team in the East ). Many have been skeptical of a few of my trades - but this squad is contending and won't be reduced to a total shell next year, and thats been my goal from the start.

    You be the judge, but make sure you vote!

    GM Kruegs
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