Brick/Mortar on a Sinking Ship

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by CTC, Jul 25, 2018.

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    Just a quick thought and story about the current retails parts stores.

    Had my Blower resistor conk out on me, quick Google and Youtube vid to show a 10 minute fix...get a hold of the OEM part # and do a quick search to find it for sale through Amazon for $111.xx with taxes and delivery by the 31st (6 days). It will probably be sooner as Amazon always surprises me.

    But I am aware that a lot of shops and retail stores are employers of people in my community...and you really should support your local economy so I take down 4 different locations, NAPA, Partsource, and two Ford Dealers, give them all a call to see about availability and price (keep in mind the part is sitting in my basket online), go over the prices and they all are about the same, 159.99 + tax and my time to go get it. I let them each know that I can get the same brand new OEM part through Amazon for significantly less and that if they price match or make a deal that I can come in after work to pick up the part...every single one of them said they could not do that and I should order it online....

    In this day and age with online sales sky rocketing and retailers shutting their doors due to lack of business you would think that they would of offered up the part at $120.00 and make some money for the day as opposed to sending me to a competitor, hell, they could of been creative and said that I could come in and get that deal on the 31st and ordered the part from Amazon themselves...I am just saying the blatant condescending tone that I received was in my opinion ignorant of the change in marketplace. Say Hi to all those box stores gone to the big city in the sky....

    I understand overhead and budgeting but I would say that this old part sitting in your inventory could of been offloaded today to make some revenue, albeit not the amount you wanted but again it was something. Time to evolve.
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    Look into how Amazon treats its employees and you'll understand how they sell stuff so cheap.
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    Even AutoZone and Advance Auto's websites undersell their own physical stores, I truly don't understand it. I've gone into an Autozone looking for a battery, $260 on the shelf, guy behind the counter tells me to go through the website, $190 out the door with 30% off online only coupon.

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