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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by hawksfan50, May 1, 2007.

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    According to it looks like he was not drafted in 2006....but he has played realy well for Plymouth this season ...6'4 193 --how can CSS not rank him for the 2007 draft? It s unfathomable ... (he is a june 1988 born so still draft eligible).

    While we are at it Plymouth's 2 other towers, 1987 borns and undrafted =free agents,Zack Shepley 6'4 225 and Steven Whitley 6'5 205 also have played very well as part of the BIG d-corps and team that disposed of London's liitle skill guys so handily---sometimes good old fashioned BIG but capable d-men who hit put the screws to the "new rules" hockey where skill is supposed to triumph...

    So to me it looks like a team wanting to get bigger and tougher on D could walk away with some good ones from the plymouth vault if they draft Bellemore and/or sign the other two as free agents...

    Plymouth's 7th d-man Leo Jenner is another BIG boy at 6'4 206 and as a june 1989 is draft eligible for 2007 but unranked by CSS...which s probably a mistake...some team ought to take a flyer on him too...

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