Both the NHL&NHLPA show little urgency to complete a deal; makes no sence.

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by NewBreed19, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. NewBreed19

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    As far as my opinion goes on this issue, the league is falling apart. The two sides are having these separate meetings to feed each other more ********, when they should be huddled in a room hammering out a new cba. Both sides look stupid and are standing to lose more fans and corporate sponsers, while they stand still in meaningless stances. The players are now saying that they have all these options and the owners are trying to wait things out; where is the desparation to fix this problem? The way the two sides are going, there won't be hockey this year either. I only hope that they really wake up and start talking . TSN& other media state that there isn't much pressure to get a deal done now and we might wait for the summer to go by before things heat up; tell this to corporate sponsers who might pull the plug on the NHL. I think that the two sides are too pig headed to get this done and some new blood for both sides might help this charade, before we not only lose a season but a league known as the NHL. :shakehead
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  2. I think the league has said many times, Lemieux just said a few days ago, that its imperative that a deal gets done very quickly, but what can you do when you're trying to deal with an ape? :dunno:
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    The NHL knows that its revenue will really be sunk if a deal is not done by early May...

    While this important to them, its not a breaking issue... its just something they are looking at... A potential deal gets harder(hard to believe that) after early May.... Leauge hardliners and the nature of revenue will demand that the cap sink even lower if revenue questions are left open going into next year... vs if a deal gets done before may, then the NHL can market tickest, TV deal, and crap NOW and then the summer goes like a normal off season...

    The players think they have leverage here... and will act accordingly.. but that does not mean they will not have some pressure from within to deal now, as at least some of the players see the pie shrinking..

    The fact that the PA met tonight and will meet tomorrow boads well I think.. if it had just beena quick raw! raw! session, it would have been one day..but this means they are actually talking about something...

    It could result in the PA being even more dead set against the NHL, but talk at this point is good amongst the players..
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