Boston Considers Moving a Major Player

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Vaive-Alive, Jan 19, 2005.

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    Rumours have begun to circulate throughout Boston that Coach Burns and GM Krueger may consider moving their team Captain....Mats Sundin. The news was leaked by an undisclosed source within the organziation when asked if the Bruins were considering any trades for the coming season.

    "Our organization is looking to secure a young talented forward - preferrably a centerman, and we're willing to part with one of the leagues premiere players if we have to. Moving Mats would be a major blow to our playoff hopes for the next little while, and we will take that into consideration as offers come in. However, if the right offer was made, we would suffer the loss with the hope of rebuilding that particular position. Of course our loss would be the other teams gain - Mats is a season maker, a leader, a premiere player - next to only Peter Forsberg, he is the highest rated centerman in the entire HFNHL."

    All teams interested should submit offers to GM Krueger. Crucial to a deal will be the inclusion of a young talented forward.

    Bobby Orr
    Boston Globe
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