Bobrovsky.... lack of interest?

Discussion in 'Columbus Blue Jackets' started by Palm Tree, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. Palm Tree

    Palm Tree Constant Nostalgiac. Die-hard CBJ fan.

    Nov 15, 2013
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    Just going to share some of my thoughts... wondering if anyone else is seeing what I see.

    Bob was such a savior to our team last year. Without Bob, we wouldn't have had the run we had at the end of last year. The season last year ended abruptly as we missed out on playoffs... contract talks began with Bob and the CBJ but question was in the air if he would re-sign with us or not.... that's when the KHL's SKA St. Petersburg team stepped up to pursue the Vezina winner... eventually we would go on to re-sign Bob.

    Found this article recently, it was posted before the start of the season this year. On signing with CBJ over St. Petersburg, Bob said, “It was a very tough decision,â€.....

    To get to my point, I know that it would've been nearly impossible for Bob to repeat his play and stats last year.... but the Bob that I have saw this year is far from the Bob from last year. He has given up numerous soft goals that he most likely wouldn't have given up last year... (the biggest one coming to my mind was the goal from Boston that he gave up in the first meeting... slapper from almost center ice.) ... Does anyone else believe that Bob is lacking interest with the team? I know he is a goalie who shows little emotion and leaves it all out on the ice but could Bob possibly be regretting his decision of signing with CBJ instead of playing in his home country in the KHL? It just seems like to me, so far this year Bob hasn't showed much interest. Our team pretty much revolves around Bob. How good Bob performs is how good our chances are of winning each game. I know, it's early in the season. Bob has plenty of time to get back into 'last years form'. But, I was just wondering if anyone else shares my opinions.....

    I will note that Bob has been performing slightly better as of late, which is always a good thing!
  2. 1857 Howitzer

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    Aug 27, 2007
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    I'll start to worry in another month or two. For as good as Bob finished last season he was just as mediocre at times and let in the same soft goals at the start of last season.
  3. SuperGenius

    SuperGenius For Duty & Humanity!

    Mar 18, 2008
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    Oh come on. Really? You're creating self-fulfilling prophecy out of thin air.

    the full quote (from an article published 2 months ago):

    On one hand you say "I know it's early in the season" On the other, "Bob has had plenty of time to get back into form"

    The fact is, last year was extraordinary. Some goalies go their entire careers without runs like that. He may reach that peak again, he may not. His median performance is certainly probably under what happened last year....and that's ok. At no point was the plan to just let Bob carry this team from now on - the rest of the team needs to, and will get better around him over time. They're young, even Bob. It takes time to find consistency.

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