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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by hatedkidatskool*, Jan 11, 2005.

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  1. Just joined, want to get a draft going. My team is going to be the Blues. 10 teams from the NHL. Want to join? First 9 that respond with a team in a private message or on here are in the league. Give me the team you want and the first player you want on the team.
  2. I think you going to have to explain more about the rules and stuff before anyone joins your mock draft.
  3. Rules

    Ok Rules are:


    10 teams (well 9 cause i am one of them)
    3 lines of forwards-one all star, one young guns, one meathead (grinders)
    2 sets of defense-any defense is fine
    2 goalies- any goalies are fine

    head coach
    2 assistant coaches
    owner :blues
    2 assistants


    team name
    jerseys (what style of team in nhl)
    rink name
    location of team

    If you join, you can be apart of a fun draft that isn't going for top players. Plus, give rules if you think they are needed.

  4. Everyone has different ideas of all-stars and young guns. It's a good idea, you just might want to legislate some sort of firm rules on what an "all-star" and a "young gun" is to save yourself a lot of heartache in the end.
  5. all star is someone who has played in an all star game, olympic team, world cup team or anyone worse than that if you want and a young gun is a guy 25 years or younger or someone who is just emerging that will be one of the best in 2 years
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