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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by BHLCommish, Oct 1, 2005.

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    pun sort of intended, but which prospects look a lot sharper than they did last NHL training camp, even which players look like they've improve a lot over the summer.


    Corey Perry-This guy looks like he's worked on his skating a lot this summer, and it's definitely paying off. A guy who would have had to rely on his linemates to forecheck and get him the puck, now seems like his speed is at least up close to NHL average. With this guy's long reach and absolutely insane hands around the net, i expect big big things out of Mr. Perry.

    Brent Burns-Didn't really think much of him during the World Juniors, not a bad player but nothing exceptional. Didn't think he looked all that comfortable back on the blueline with the Wild in 03/04. All I can say now is this guy shows potential to be a great great defenseman, fabulous skater, 6'5, very smooth puckhandler and quite a good passer. Has really seemed to take control of the games in which I have seen him, and seems very confident out there.

    Who are the others who've been working hard on their games?
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