Best source for ranking young players by team (who've played)

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Nalens Oga, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Just wondering, is there any source that gives a ranking of each player by team for young players who've played at least 1 NHL game (so not prospects like RNH)? And by young players, I mean preferrably just the ones who were rookies last season but it could include sophomores or whatever I guess.

    So for example, the ranking would have on Edm, just these guys who made their debuts last year and not the current new prospects or ones who haven't played yet (not necessarily in this order Oilers fans so don't flame):

    1. Hall
    2. Eberle
    3. Paajarvi
    4. Omark
    5. Petry
    6. Hartikainnen

    Anything like that exist? I know HF has its own rankings but it moves players out when they graduate and mixes them in with guys who are years away from the NHL.

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