Belfour Wins in Return

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    Hampered by a sore shoulder, Eddie Belfour watched game 3 from the bench. If the Flyers had won the game, Belfour would have probably sat game 4 but with Philly falling behind 2-1 in games, Belfour ignored his sore shoulder and game back to help his team take game four, 4-1 and tie the series 2-2.

    Game 4 was a must win for the Flyers who now will head back to Philly feeling good about themselves. “We can’t wait to get back home and play in front of our fans. The building is going to be electric,†said Tim Connolly.

    The Flyers can only hope their line of Bertuzzi, Gagne and Gomez continue where they left off in game 4. The treo had 7 points, including 3 from Gagne. “The line clicked right from the start (Bertuzzi was acquired just before the deadline). He’s too big, strong and fast for most teams to stop him game in and game out,†said centreman Scott Gomez.

    Game 5 will be played Thursday night in Philly. History strongly favours the winner of game 5’s as the majority of the teams who have win game 5 go on to win the series.

    Game Notes

    Game 4 was 1st game in series not to reach overtime....Flyers have outshot the Sabres by at least 4 shots in each game....Olli Yokinen led the Sabres in icetime while Todd Bertuzzi did so for his team....Game 1 of the series was the only home game to sell out for either team.

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