Barinka and Bergenheim

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Chelios, Jan 16, 2004.

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    I was just wondering whats going on with Michal Barinka and Sean Bergenheim. I haven`t heard a thing on either of them since the world juniors. I was just wondering if they are coming back (Bergenheim to the NHL and Barinka to the AHL) any time soon.

    I was also wondering how good these guys are. Haven`t really seen either of them play.
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    The NY Islanders, Jokerit and Sean Bergenheim reached an agreement, that Sean would stay here in Helsinki for the remainder of the season to play for Jokerit.

    It´s much better for his development to get more ice-time, and a more important role with the puck. With the Islanders he would have played a fourth line role with few minutes per game, which doesn´t necessarily aid his development into the player he can be.

    I´d say Sean is a very talented player. Has fantastic speed and hustle, and is good with the puck once he gets his touch back. Had tons of chances at the WJC´s, but just couldn´t get the puck in the net more than once. But he was able to create nice scoring-chances for himself with his speed and skill.
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