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    Anyone catch Big Barber (ex Philly great, and present behind the bench in Tampa) being chatted up by Dan the ----- (insert whatever you wish here...), Russel?

    Russel did a great job fawning over the man, and they spoke at length about that freakish 79 - 80 season's 35 game unbeaten streak (which ironically enough began after a spanking from the Flames... Atlanta that is, and ended with a beating from the Stars... the North Stars of Minnisota).

    Mr. Barber ended the conversation basically saying that both sides had an obligation to work something out, but, and I'm not quoting the man here, that we've got to give back to the game that we have done very well by. Uh... the game and the fans matter most, and it was time to appreciate the ride.

    He also mentioned that the league was in serious trouble and needed fixing. My take was he felt it was up to the players to realize the extent of the trouble and perhaps be a bit more flexible.

    Yes Bill does work for the Lightning, but this is a guy who will always be a player first and formost. I appreciated hearing his opinion.
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    Well that's just the thing. There is no former player who has ever criticized the owners and stood up 100% for the fans. Why is that? I think its because they are no longer being "told" how to think by being in the NHLPA. Once a player gets out of there and sees the business side of the game they realize what a $10 million dollar contract does to the game. But the NHLPA and player agents put pressure on them to sign those contracts, that's the problem.
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