Another offseason thread- Tell me a mildly interesting story.....

Discussion in 'Toronto Maple Leafs' started by bluumax, Aug 16, 2017.

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    OK, So im 10/11 years old and go on holiday to Canada during the 02 Olympics. Long story short; i fall in love with hockey after this giant in a yellow jersey scores a beauty against the Canadians, turns out this guy was Mats Sundin, And so after my 2 weeks were up i came back to England obsessed with both hockey and the Leafs.

    Fast forward a couple of years and im stood, rather bored, in a furniture store next to an old fellow who i assume is taking a break and sitting on one of the chairs. We start talking and i tell him i play hockey and his response was as follows;

    "I once went to an hockey game, it was in Toronto, Canada. A player scored 10 points during the game and it was a record. His name was Darryl Sittler"

    At the time i thought this was an odd coincidence but as i got older and read more i realised how awesome this was especially the fact we were sat in a furniture shop in a small town in England.

    Aaanyway, Do any of you guys have any similar mildy interesting stories or stories about players you've met? So i can read something other than the value of JVR.
  2. Gary Nylund

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    Oct 10, 2013
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    Cool story, thanks for sharing.

    :laugh::laugh: :thumbu::thumbu: :laugh::laugh:
  3. al secord

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    Pfft. I had an incredibly interesting story, but it involved the value of JVR.

    ...your loss.
  4. 54thecup

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    Aug 3, 2017
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    Tx bluumax for sharing!!

    I'll never forget the 02 Olympic final. I was in Anaheim for meetings and my wife flew in the day b4 the final for a vacation. I took her on the quickest tour of LA, Hollywood, a Venice beach tandem ride before we made to a Huntington beach sports bar by noon PST to watch Canada win gold!!! Glad it was Cali, people were great!! Not sure we would have been treated the same in Boston, Chicago or NYC:)

    During the 04/05 lockout, my son was competing against Max Domi's Marlies and they met in the playoffs. There was a regular stream of NHLers, Grapes, etc at games.
    Sundin walked in with a few Leafs shortly after I took my spot on the glass and stood close by. He was an incredible gentleman. I educated a few young autograph seekers to approach Mats during the intermission and he was very appreciative. He ended up approaching me several times to clarify players, series stats, etc and I learning alot from him about his days as a minor, etc.

    I've heard nothing but good things about Mats but I was glad to have my own experience to re-affirm this.
  5. nsleaf

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    It would have to be to warrant posting it another thread. Please spare this thread and post in the other.
  6. barilko05

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    I was working in Thunder Bay when a local hockey group was trying to break the world record for the longest game. One of their group was Walt Podubbny, a TB native.

    Flashback to my childhood. I got a Leaf jersey for Xmas with the #8 on it. At the time, I had decided I was a fan of the immortal Rocky Saganiuk. Shortly thereafter, Leafs trade Lanny McDonald and Rocky decides he's going to take up the mantle of team leadership and changes his # to 7. I read much later in Tiger William's autobiography that some of the vets on the team got so incensed by this that they taped poor Rock to a gurney and shoved him naked onto centre ice at MLG. But I digress.

    Flash forward to my first year in college. I still had my #8 jersey, which at the time was now worn by the aforementioned Walt P. As such, my classmates took to calling me Walt (and still do to this day).

    Flash forward AGAIN to TB and the above mentioned hockey game. Walt Podubbny dropped by the radio station to promote the game, and I related the above story to him. He was flattered and agreed to sign my current Leaf jersey (the original #8 by this time being long gone).

    Still have that jersey almost 20 years later. Sadly, Walt passed a few years after I met him, much too young it appears. Kind of a cautionary tale, I think, for young players.

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