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Discussion in 'The Rink' started by seanerixon, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Now, let me start from the beginning. I've played hockey for a few years, inline. Went from wing, to defense, to goalie. Why? Ron Hextall was one of my idols growing up, wanted to be somewhat like him, probably more like Roy or Hasek. Anyway, My memory has faded a bit since I once played in leagues and pickup. I first started skating with a crappy pair of children's street skates. Loved'm. Then eventually got hockey skates once I started playing hockey. However, since I've stopped playing, I've broken a growth plate in BOTH of my ankles, so I do have weak ankles. Unfortunately, I didn't go through the proper rehab, because I work and school, too busy for anything else in life. But now I don't have school, so I have more time. Looking to get back in between the pipes. I got the pads out and let a friend shoot on me one day, without skates. Instincts never die, that's for sure. I laced on a new pair of skates, really tight. Even did what was a "no, no" growing up by tying the laces around my ankles, which actually helped a little. But it still feels very wobbly and it's hard to just stand. Now, I tried on a pair of like rollerblades, not hockey skates. And the ankle support is there, I don't wobble as much. Is there a way to get that on a hockey skate? On hockey skates, while wobbling I feel like I could fly, but not so much on these rollerblades.
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    Have you tried taping your ankles with athletic tape? Kind of like Football players.

    I don't know I don't even lace the top 2 eyelets on my skates and tighten them like low cut sneakers.

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    Try tying all the way up to the top eyelet. Another big factor might be the quality of skate. Generally, a higher quality skate will be stiffer, giving you more ankle support and less lateral 'flop'. There are also high-cut and low-cut skate boots, the higher-cut boots offer more support obviously.

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