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Discussion in 'Anaheim Ducks' started by Kid_Roll, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to get some Ducks fans input on a fun (and very stupid and silly) project I am doing this year. Last year I did a simulated NHL Royal Rumble just to see who was the fakest bad ass in the NHL, and somehow Brad Marchand ended up winning.

    I am doing it again this year, but last year I didn't have a participant from every team, and I think it's more fun if each team had a guy in the Rumble. So that being said, I just wanted to let Ducks fans themselves vote on who they want to represent their team instead of it purely being Vancouver fans voting on it, so if you

    A) Want to support a stupid fun project
    B) Like the idea of video game forms of NHL players beating each other up

    then please vote for your Duck representative!


    I have no idea if this breaks any rules or whatnot, if it does, shut it down. I can honestly say I am making zero money off of this, nor do I give a crap about view counts, if you want to make a poll on this thread instead of linking to my page on it, go for it, I just wanted Ducks fans to have a chance to join in if they wanted to.
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